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@Brandon Turner why hasn’t David moved into apartment syndication yet?

I understand that there are more market inefficiencies to use to your advantage in the residential space, but given his experience and audience, why haven’t you made the leap to multi-family yet?

@Brandon Turner

What’s the quickest way to scale? We are targeting 7 more units at $150 MCF

Below is our current situation and general model we have been using.

Currently we own 3 BRRR SFH. None have been refinanced to date and one is still under rehab. These are all long distance real estate properties.

We know based on local area appraisals we have money in them to be refinanced.

We already have one in delayed financing (current rehab) and the next two we will finance after seasoning.

From there, should we move on and try and land a multi family or continue grinding away SFH using cash purchases and the delayed financing technique.


Hi there, I've been listening to BP podcasts on Google Play for over a year now. But, since September they stopped updating with new podcasts.  The most recent one on there is Sept 6 # 295. Will the newer podcasts continue be availabe on Google Play? And if not, where can I access them on my Samsung phone? 


Okay, very specific and quick to the point remodel question....@Brandon Turner , I have heard you talk about oak trim "throwing up" all over the house.  I live in an area where most of the investment properties are covered with it. Thick 100 yr old, 6"+ with detailed moldings.  What do you do with this stuff? It is a small detail but removing and updating with simple, modern white trim makes such a huge difference. Do you go through the trouble of removing all the old oak trim and installing new? Or, do you leave it in place and try to repaint the walls in a way that makes it look better?


What habits do you both do everyday that help you be successful? Workout everyday at 6am to help your brain function better? take cold showers ( I heard cold showers, give you tons of energy)? Look at new MLS listings every evening?? etc...

First time home buyer under contract on a 4-unit Fannie Mae foreclosure. I just received the inspection report on the property and there are some serious items that need to be addressed (primarily plumbing and electrical). It's a great opportunity to get 4 units at 5% down that would cash flow nicely once the property is renovated. I'm trying to convince myself that this inspection report is not a deal killer but I want to remain objective in this process. What advice can you provide regarding the inspection process and how it affects your judgement on whether or not to move forward with a deal? Thanks guys, I can't get enough of the real estate podcast AND the Money podcast. Cheers!

@Brandon Turner what style of duplexes do you prefer and why? Sometimes they have separate meters, furnaces, bedroom count and styles. So do you specifically go for those that are 2 unit each front entrance, or those that were houses made into 2 units with 2/3 rooms 1st floor and 1 bedroom second floor with a backyard entrance. There’s also some that are 3 units in each floor. So can you give sort of what you tend to look for in a duplex for a lower vacancy, easier management, etc. assuming all other variables like location and tenant quality etc. are held constant.

@Ross Kalmbach insurance would be a great topic I don’t think they’ve ever talked about. As an insurance agent myself, I find a lot of my investor clients are underinsured purely because no one has taken the time to explain what’s necessary and how insurance works

@Brandon Turner I'm house hacking a 2 family property 20 minutes south of Boston that is a 5 minute walk to the train station into the city. I spent 536k for the property in June 2017 and have invested roughly 15k (new roof, mini split for upstairs apartment, waterproofing basement, along with a few other smaller projects). I'm getting $2100 in rent from the downstairs apartment and believe I can get $1800 for the upstairs when we move out. PITI is $2700. Now here's my dilemma. Living in the upstairs unit, we can hear EVERYTHING in the downstairs apartment and can even feel the vibrations of their footsteps sometimes. I'm nervous that it will be tough to retain future tenants due to the noise issue. Do you think I should spend the money to soundproof the units, sell the house, or leave as is? The house is in a pretty good area and as a new investor this situation has given me quite a bit of stress. I would love to get your input!

@Brandon Turner

Tax delinquent redemption statements. How can these affect a potential wholesale deal if at all? How would you approach a potential deal on a property that is 3+ years delinquent and shows redemption statements for each year. I'm have some juicy looking properties and many include these on their tax summaries.. I listen to you guys at least 3 hours a day while driving everyday for work. Big fan and after listening to all the success stories, closed my e commerce store to fund my BP plus membership :).

Hey Brandon and David

Love your POD casts!!!

Would you consider making a series of shows where you follow/mentor a newbie? 

There is so much to learn and many of the challenges of getting started are universal so it could be great learning for every newbie listening.

Thank you for all you are doing for the community!


@ Torre Samonek

Hi Torre

It has me thinking that possibly my area of CA (and yours) may be just too high priced in general for a great deal...I also factor in that my area is rural and "small town" where those who know the system better may be scooping up the great deals before I get to see them although I am pretty on the MLS daily. I also see that these properties that I have been analyzing ARE selling and some of them very quickly so someone is buying...?! I am going to keep on it but am starting to open my self other investment ideas in realestate i.e. BRRRR


Should I do one LLC per property? Someone in the forums said a S-Corp that houses multiple LLCs.

Also on the topic of LLCs and BRRRR, how do you keep refinancing when you can only have so many credit inquiries? Is the LLC doing the refinance using a Tax ID, so that my own personal score doesn't incur too many inquiries?

Many many many thanks!

@Brandon Turner

Hi guys,

I love the show!

What are the benefits of buying a home all cash with the intention of renting the property as a buy and hold strategy then shortly after purchasing the property refinancing out 75% of the equity. I have heard of this method but I just down understand why this would be valuable?

Have a great day!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You WON the HGTV 2019 Dream Home! 

Now your income is 2 plus million in 2019 and you will own an exorbitant amount on taxes. Apparently nobody EVER that has won this grand prize still owns the property today because of this situation. What would you do if you won?! 

Having listened to your recent podcast with J Scott "6 rules for investing in Real Estate in the Coming Economic Shift" it seems that this seemingly amazing prize could quickly turn into a crippling financial burden if all the wrong things happen.

Have Fun!

I would love to hear more on the details of HOW you present deals to private investors when you have a good deal on a property you want to buy and hold.  What do you say? How do you structure how much each person will get?

@Brandon Turner
@David Greene

Hey guys, love the podcast!

If you had to choose only one sector / type of real estate investing for the next two decades, what would it be and why?

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