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@David Greene First, I want to say how much I value both of you guys on the podcast.  Thanks so much!  Both of you offer fantastic advice, opinions, and enjoyment to something that we are all passionate about and can learn more from each day.  

Anyways, my question for David is this: you are definitely a pro and very successful at BRRRRing properties long distance, what's your long-term goals now? Continue to automate your systems and scale more to more doors? BRRRR larger properties (5+ units)? 1031 exchange some of your properties for a large multifamily? Move in with Brandon in Hawaii and rent one of his units!!? Just kidding!

Originally posted by @Kenneth N. Brown :

@Lynnette E. You should tell @Brandon Turner to get me on the show. I worked for JP Morgan Chase prior to becoming a full time real estate investor and property manager. These are questions I could answer in layman's terms.

Kenneth, if you want to be on the show, you should talk to me. Brandon likes to think he runs things, but I'm the real boss. 

If you (or anyone else reading) would like to be considered as a guest on the show, go to and fill out the form, going into detail about YOUR experiences as an investor. The show interviews investors, (not agents, vendors, fund managers, etc) to get their real life experiences as an investor.

Thanks for your interest!

Originally posted by @Jennifer Joseph :

Hi there, I've been listening to BP podcasts on Google Play for over a year now. But, since September they stopped updating with new podcasts.  The most recent one on there is Sept 6 # 295. Will the newer podcasts continue be availabe on Google Play? And if not, where can I access them on my Samsung phone? 


Hi Jennifer.

Google Play is being fussy. Some people have not experienced any delays, while others can't get past Episode 295.

Try uninstalling and re-installing Google Play. If that does not work, try to listen on Google Podcasts or another podcast app. We ARE producing and releasing new episodes every week and our podcast hosting company assures me we are uploading to Google Play properly. I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

@Mindy Jensen I have filled out the form. I have done over 100 deals and have no problem discussing my experiences. 

@Jennifer Joseph You should be able to download the Google Podcast app from the Play Store.  Just search "google podcast" in the play store and it will be one of the first results.  There are a few other podcast apps available through the store but if you're using Android, the Google app works very well.  Hope that's helpful. 

@Devin Gordon . You need to build a relationship with an attorney. If you have a closing attorney that you use for purchasing properties he may give you a copy of his for free. Mine did!

@Ramsey Isabel Thanks. I have Google Play. I just cannot get any more podcasts to load. The most recent one is 295 and no more are showing up. Is there another app on my Samsung Phone where I can get the podcasts? I like to listen to them when I drive. 

@Mindy Jensen Thanks Mindy. I've uninstalled and re-intstalled. No luck. Strange because it worked fine up until September. Any idea where else I can find it?

@Brandon Turner

I’ve looked a a fix and rent houses in an okay neighborhood. Extensive fix up that would yield a $300-$325k house and rents in the area are $1600/mo.

I see a nearly new house in my very nice neighborhood at $310k and rents are ~$2400/mo.

Between the 2 houses, the no brainer is buy the newer home with no fix up and be happy...

I’m a newbie, and thinking $300 is a lot for a rental. However ,I live near a few military bases. I believe the rental market is strong and likely will always be strong. Am I thinking correctly?


@Brandon Turner What are the best markets nearby for a New Yorker and new investor that wants to invest out of state who’s salary is roughly $48,000/year?

Also which is the best real investing technique for this person w/ a $48,000/year salary?

Hi! What are some success/failure stories from doing your own research and skipping the real estate agent? Is it worth it to save that 3%? (Especially when prices are high in my area. 3% is a lot!)

What are the most important things to research if you decide to buy without a real estate agent?

Thanks so much, love the show!

Originally posted by @Jennifer Joseph :

@Ramsey Isabel Thanks. I have Google Play. I just cannot get any more podcasts to load. The most recent one is 295 and no more are showing up. Is there another app on my Samsung Phone where I can get the podcasts? I like to listen to them when I drive. 

@Mindy Jensen Thanks Mindy. I've uninstalled and re-intstalled. No luck. Strange because it worked fine up until September. Any idea where else I can find it?

I personally use Podcast Addict, but I have friends who use CastBox and like it, too. 

@Brandon Turner

What aspect of mobile home parks attracts you the most? What makes a deal for YOU when assessing a mobile home park?

Did my first deal last year as a house hack on a duplex. Now I want to use that cashflow for marketing to find flips. I've created my LLC and my InvestorCarrot website is up. So now, what do you say is the best use or strategy of my monthly $500 marketing funds?...

@Brandon Turner .

Hello Brandon my name is Alberto and I am from Orange city Florida. My question is I've been saving some money for a down payment and I have a friend that wasn't to partner in the deal . I would like to know What is a good way to formed a partnership . We look at a deal where The purchase price is 80K And the rehab cost is 10K . He agreed to fund the 80K cash and I agree to fun the 10K and me do the Rehab work. We're thinking about renting it due to the same units are not selling . What is a good way we can split the profit this is our 1st deal.

@Brandon Turner There's a lot of noise in Software Applications and finding the right data to go after. I'd like to understand some of the best Software Stack's people are using to run their business. Specifically, in lead generation & lead follow up / drip campaigns. 

i would like to know more about buying land if it a good thing to do in new york or new jersey in the city?

How can a bigger pockets member invest in bigger pockets from an equity standpoint?  I have capital ready to invest in BP!    Lets make another great story that started out of your message boards.. I am dead serious not saying this as a joke.

@Brandon Turner

@Joshua Dorkin

@Scott Trench

@Mindy Jensen

What guidelines do you use to vet a new contractor? What tactics do you put in place for the contractor to perform according the the contract and complete the project on time?

@Brandon Turner and @David Greene - You guys are a huge inspiration! We started investing in buy-and-hold multifamily properties in Maine in 2015 largely because of BiggerPockets.  In a very short amount of time since then, and on fairly modest salaries, my wife and I have achieved Level 1 Financial Freedom for our family of four.

Brandon - What are the Top 3 Lessons you've learned from real estate that you want to teach Rosie?

David - I can't seem to find any good advice about health insurance for people without an employer-sponsored plan.  Does the Hack Master have any good insurance hacks to share?

You guys are awesome!


How do you recover and regroup from a bad deal or a deal that went wrong?

What are the best was to find financing? I think all investors hit this point in their career where they have depleted capital and only 1, 2, or 3 deals and that’s it. Lack of experience and lack of financing. What’s the best way to scale from that position?

Do I have to register my LLC in every state that I purchase real estate or have a real estate transaction (Assign/Wholesale).

@Brandon Turner and @David Greene - Not so much a question as it is a topic suggestion.  I would love to hear more about small commercial real estate (non-residential).  Retail, industrial, medical, etc.   I'd guess 80-90% of BiggerPockets is about residential, yet in the world of investing commercial is a much larger percent.

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