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Hey there! 

The BiggerPockets Podcast exists to help you, the listener, get excited, get inspired and most of all, get informed!

David Greene and I want to answer YOUR questions on an upcoming episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast. 

So, what do you want to know?

@Brandon Turner Would love to hear somebody that started at very bottom and is a developer. Not somebody that learned from their pops or a person that had a million dollar bankroll to start.

Someone who went from property management to in house team. Not a mom and pop but someone with alot of units that built their own team to value add.

If you have a business account your using to purchase single family homes and you want to also use a HELOC that is tied to your personal residence to purchase properties, how do you use the HELOC to make purchases for your real estate business and not cause issues or raise flags with personal monies and your business monies?

Question for Brandon and David

I am new to BP. I am looking to purchase and start to move into the multi family arena after several years experience in property management of single family. I have been using your calculator and method of analyzing probably 40 properties over the past 3 months. These have been from a 2-plex to a 10-plex. I have yet to have any property come even close to fit the parameters of &100.00 per property/8% without offering at LEAST 100-150K below an asking price... Is this usual? I certainly was hoping for something to look like a good prospect by now...?


Meg Mahon NOrthern CA

I had some questions that might be helpful around the most fun subject in real estate - Insurance.  What are the best practices for choosing the right coverage for your investment?  What advice would you give those starting out with only one - three single family properties? What about those buying their first multi-family?  How often do you shop for insurance or switch companies? When do you need to think about umbrella polices?  Any other helpful information that you think of on insurance that would be helpful to the community as well!

Thanks guys!

Hi everyone, I am currently preparing to close a Lease Option deal however I would like to know whether I can list my own trust instead of an LLC or myself as the Landlord/Seller of a property? Are there any drawbacks to this if it is possible? Any positive insight would be appreciated! :)

Hi David and Brandon,

I am looking to do my first deal. I have some cashed saved up and I want to start investing into real estate (most likely househack with FHA loan). However I am concerned that the market in my area (Northern New Jersey and Rockland County, NY) is really hot and nearly impossible to find deals. Would you keep saving more money while waiting for the market to start a recession/crash as it could be in the near future? Or would you start investing right now with a much higher chance of losing money? (since it would be my first deal).

Thank you and keep making these awesome podcasts!

This might not be the right topic for a question and answer time, but I would like to have a podcast with a title expert who can walk someone through understanding a title report and where the information came from. How to tell if a loan is a first, second, total refinance, HELOC, etc. and if it is not the first how to tell which loans would still exist after a foreclosure.

The title reports I get do not say which loans were repaid.  Does that mean they are not paid?  Or just not in the report?

Another example I see some title reports that have a loan, then the same day another loan for about 3% of the amount of the first loan.  I assume that is the down payment.  So with them being recorded the same day how do I know which it first and which is second?  Its a big deal when they are foreclosing on one of those loans.  The information is there, but I would like a podcast to understand it.

I am also interested in why LLCs are popular and discussed so much on Bigger Pockets.  

My attorney is recommending putting property in a Trust.  The title insurance is still valid as the trust takes ownership in my name as trustor.  It avoids probate and is easy to pass onto heirs.  Separate trusts can reduce liability and are cheap to clone and all of them together would require one tax filing, under my name with my regular taxes.  It allows one to offset profit and lose for all assets in one tax filing.  

He sees LLCs as vastly more complex than needed and more expensive, management and tax wise.

So, can you explain the difference and what are the benefits/disadvantages of each?  I'd like to understand different opinions.

Hey Brandon and David,

I'm about to pull out the equity from my first property, a house hack BRRRR, to use as down payment on a second property. I just received news that this equity may be substantially more than I thought, which may allow me to go higher than four units on property #2. I'm gunning for commercial in the long term and would love to hit the accelerator if it's logical.

Option 1: Use the max equity to get a property in the 5-10 unit range.

Option 2: Use the necessary equity to get another 4-plex (thereby having reserves, just in case).

Option 3: Leave the equity in property #1 and let it cash flow until I’ve saved enough to use as down payment on property #2. A conservatively estimated annual net profit is >$15K, so this may take a couple years.

Should I be patient, or dive in? Something tells me to take option #2, but is that fear?

Brandon, you’re familiar with high risk when starting out. What do you think?

Do you hire an attorney to create a Lease agreement or construct one yourself?  Feels much more credible and less likely to be "pierced" with a high quality lawyer backing the entire lease, they would know every state law and loop hole to look for. hmm??

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