A New BiggerPockets Moderator - Welcome Karen!

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Today I'm happy to announce that another BiggerPockets member has graciously joined the BP Moderating Team to help us better moderate and manage the community

@Karen Margrave (Previously known as "Karen M.") is an active real estate developer in Southern California. Over the years, Karen and her husband have developed general offices, medical offices, multi families, office parks, office/retail condos, medical/dental clinics and a residential subdivision. The majority of their projects are spec buildings, which they sell to investors and owner/users.

Be sure you follow her here on BP, and wish her well as she joins the moderation team!

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Jenkins Ramon, JMWPS Ventures, LLC | reimilw2000@gmail.com

Congrats Karen!

Welcome to the team Karen. I have always appreciated your insight and contributions!

From her input I have read she will be an asset to the team! Congrats Karen

Congrats Karen! You've provided advice (and corrections) to me in the past. Glad you are taking an active role.

Welcome aboard, Karen!

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC


I'm glad to see more development related content on BP. I've enjoyed Karen's posts and am looking forward to good discussions on construction.

Congrats Karen!

Congrats Karen!

Congrats Karen!!!

Congratulations Karen, I always look forward to your posts and insight. Good move BiggerPockets!

Thank you everyone. Like I said, now I have a cover for my obsession. I don't know if all of you have noticed, but it seems the past few weeks there's been an explosion of activity on BP. I think it's due to the "KEY WORD ALERTS" have you filled your out yet? Top right, under blue banner and under Notifications :) HAPPY HUNTING!

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I'm excited to have @Karen Margrave on the team! She'll bring some much needed estrogen to our team of enforcers.... but don't take that as a sign of weakness -- she's one tough cookie and definitely someone we can all learn from.

For more on the Moderators and Team, check out our About Us page.

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@James Vermillion I know what you mean! Now I have an identity crisis.

@Joshua Dorkin In those few instances where my straightforward answer came off a bit to harsh, I recognized it, and made sure I apologized :) It's always my intent to encourage people in their ventures and help them anyway I can.

Medium house plansKaren Margrave, Parlay Investments | karen@themargravegroup.com | http://www.parlayinvestments.com | CA Contractor # 680782

Wonderful, congrats and have a blast!!! Yes, all of your post are always interesting and helpful!!! Thank you!!

Congrats Karen!