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In the coming days we'll be releasing our Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing. This guide will help provide new investors with the basic information they need to get their real estate business off the ground.

Interested in getting your hands on it?

Let us know . . .

Medium fbprofileJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets |

I'll be the first to say: "I'm interested!"

I hope I am able to receive one of the first copies. Thanks josh.

Cant wait to read it !

Interested? Absolutely!

I would really enjoy reviewing this product.

No doubt about it. Definitely interested.

Also interested!

That's an awesome idea. I would definitely get a copy.

Who better to offer this guide than Bigger Pockets!. I'm excited.
I'd like a copy please.

Please sign me up for one as well.....Thank you in advance Josh!!

I am ready to buy my first property and would love to check it out.

WOW, @Joshua Dorkin , look at the first time posters!

Welcome all to BP!

So hot, this may blow a transistor or something....

Now, where is my copy, I need to get started!!! :))

Medium logoscopiccroppedblue2Bill Gulley, General Real Estate Academy |

Interested in the guidebook . Thank you in advance.

I would be very interested in getting a copy!!

I'm very interested