The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing is Here

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After months of work, a project that has been a very long time coming is now live:

The BiggerPockets Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

Guess what . . . it's FREE!

This guide was designed to help new real estate investors build the tools they need to get their investment businesses off the ground.

Check it out now and be sure to leave your feedback in the thread below.

Finally, please be sure to share this guide with your fellow investors and use the Facebook Like and other buttons to help us spread the word.

I'd say, it's a grand slam, four aces, five diamond piece of work!

An outstanding overview that even seasoned investors should revist to remind them of the big picture and a must read for those interested in real estate investing!

Great Job Josh! :)

@Bill Gulley - Thanks for the spectacular review. I'm glad to hear that someone with experience like yourself finds value in this as well. That's great to hear! Be sure to thank @Brandon Turner as well . . . this was a joint effort.

@Jon Klaus - Thanks!

Be sure to share this thing with everyone guys!

This is awesome, Josh! Hopefully everyone who is thinking about jumping into RE investing will start here and save themselves about a month of effort trying to come up to speed...

@Brandon Turner , great job!

I think it was a very clever move for BP, laying it out and linking topics to selected blogs and BP materials.

I did notice the due on sale clause was mentioned several times as a caution in several techniques and is certainly appropriate to give such warnings. I'd only add that perhaps at least a mention be added of new regulatory requirements being investigated before doing any seller financing, in that section, but it's still very good.

I also hope people will take the time to get a better overview of RE before selecting niche investment strategies, especially as to local customs. For a new investor, nothing would crush thier first impression by others and integrity than hitting the streets with some strategy that was seen locally as unethical or unlawful.

All in all, my grade is an A+ to both of you!

I'm totally smitten. BP nails it again! The Ultimate Beginner's Guide is an incredible gift (free?!) for new investors like me looking for a clear, concise resource on getting started. Thanks so much!

@Chuck Redman - We definitely hope the UBG helps you get the ball moving for yourself. Keep us in the loop!

@Anne S. - Wow -- thank you for your thoughts. I'm glad you felt that we nailed it. Just put it to use, make some money and then pay it forward by helping others here on the site! Otherwise, please do share it. Thanks again!

You guys have done an outstanding job of simplifying this material. I have been looking to get started in this business for a long time, and I was confused after reading some of the material out there. However, your material is simple, lean and to the point. Biggerpockets is an outstanding site. I look forward to making my first deal and newworking with all these ourstanding folks who give really great advice to newbies like myself. Thank you all very much.

It's a very good entertaining read. Was really hoping for some audio content to be associated with this. I seen the reddit post also. It's cool seeing bp on with a site like that. Will upvote there.

GREAT JOB you guys! Exactly what is asked for time and time again on the forums. Easy to read and understand, and the illustrations give it some life!

@Will Barnard - We definitely put some heart and soul into that thing. Thanks.

@Hugo Todd - Thanks so much. I hope you'll have plenty of success stories to share with all of us. Now that you're here on the forums, perhaps you can jump in and introduce yourself in the New Member Introductions? A profile pic would also help us better network and get to know you.

@Chris Cox - This thing was meant to be an online guide without the companion audio. I'm glad you found it to be a good read.

@Karen Margrave - We hoped to save the new folks the trouble of asking a million questions if we could simply get them set up via the guide. Thanks for the message!

@Jan Campbell - Thanks!

Great read! Very nice work. I'm forwarding to my two twenty-ish year old daughters immediately. Both have expressed interest learning "Dad's side business", but like all twenty year olds, they sometimes struggle to grasp concepts when Dad explains it. This is a great introduction to some relatively complicated topics, that anyone can understand. Again, great job and thanks for the efforts you and others put into this document.

I would inject that since the target audience is “beginning investors” that it would be hard for seasoned pro’s to give a true assessment, unless the ones that have are actually beginners? ;)

I have a day job and have been on BP a short while and am a true beginner. Since I have been on the site I conducted heavy research and participated on the subject of asset protection. Unlike some, I considered my current job an asset and it's future against judgements, so it is important for me to get this right from the get go especially in the sue happy society we live in. After reading a lot of post on the subject of LLC's, family trust, learning of land trust from someone at work, I still don't have the answer and see others confussed. I'm also not one to dive right in, gain more assets then figure it out like some recommend.

I read too many horror stories, and as a matter of fact right before this release read and posted on Marty Boardman’s thread, “Never offer a distressed seller this” legal disaster!…On that thread others that had been involved in frivolous law suits only to have to dish out a lot of cash to either protect themselves personally or their company.

I have only read the table contents thus far, and most of chapter one. I am reading all the links and interesting so far. I looked for a legal section in the table of contents, maybe there will be more later. But imho that is base #1 and everything falls into place from there.

I know there are a lot of variables from state-to-state, but LLC's, trust, etc have been discussed at length on this site and will continue to be. There are some similarities, state websites, public free legal advice, I have found on the site and posted to such. Might be a good topic should there be a follow on release.

When I first started I really struggled with acronyms people were posting so I started a list some of which I had to goggle to get the most out of reading the site…some I am still trying to figure out. I’d suggest to the pros to spell it out better for the beginners or if you use one define it once in a while.

I’ll let you know more as I find the time to read through this more….thanks for it I am sure I will learn more….your right such high volume of info out here makes it hard to put it into perspective.

Great site!



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