Mobile home park financing

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I'm looking at another mobile home park, will need to finance about 300k. Are there any lenders poking around the forum this am that can direct me some regarding current commercial rates and terms. The total deal is 800k, I can come up with 500k.



Regarding the previous posted question:

Just wondering if you found what you needed regarding MHP financing.

Many investors find obtaining small loans for MHPs (less than $400,000) to be difficult. Or they find what is offered, many times is not very attractive and limited to a basic take-it-or-leave it mentality.

If you still have need for MHP financing, feel free to contact us for a quote as we frequently provide small MHP loans ($100,000 minimum/up to 30 year amortization): ([email protected])

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The name's Corey. I've been in the cashflow business for 2 years now, and in the market for some more mobile home notes, real estate notes, annuities, structured settlements, commercial notes, and business notes. If anybody have any of these debt instuments on hand, I can provide a lumpsum of cash and take those bothersome notes of your hands.


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