Easiest Way to Determine if MHP on Public or Private Utilities

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I’m looking to get recommendations on the easiest way to filter/screen off-market mobile home parks to determine if they are on private utilities (well and septic) versus public utilities.

I don’t see this information typically listed in available MHP directories such as MHVillage or MHP Store. Is there a way to get this information through public records searches? Does a service such as Parlay 2.0 have this information included?

Any assistance is much appreciated.

yes, some state websites have this as public information. Go to the state website, look for the mobile home park directory, drill down to the county level, a list of all the MHPs should be there and will list if it’s public water/ sewer. 

I know for sure Indiana does this because I did that for my MHP before I bought it. 

You can also email the seller and broker. When they email you back saying it’s city water and city sewer that’s a written statement you have on record. They wouldn’t be dumb enough to lie via email. Plus you can check county tax records of the MHP in question and it will usually say if it’s on City w/s or not. 

Hope that helps!


Sometimes the county records will tell you if they have city water/sewer or private. Also, when you look at satellite images, you can see whether or not they have a treatment plant or lagoon...i know you were interested in well vs. septic. Also, you can have a VA or someone call around to the parks and state they are an appraiser doing market research and ask what the lot rent, if water/sewer is included, and what type of water/sewer they have..

another way is to look at some single family homes nearby and sometime the county records will be included with that as well.

some states have public records of the parks that show this.  

Another route is to reach out to the state EPA and see if they have a report of every customer that reports to them based on regulations they have to follow if they do have some private utilities.  you can basically back into your database that they then have at least sewer.  

@Keith Meyer The easiest way is to ask the listing real estate broker. Then confirm with the city (if public). Good luck! 

@Gulliver R. Which state websites are you referring to? I know the individual county records sites will likely have some information, but it would be great to be able to do this at the state level. Thanks!

Some states will have a manufactured housing portion in their .gov website. And you’ll just go to that part of the site and you can literally see all the licensed MHPs in that state. But looking at county tax records is just as easy and effective. @Keith Meyer

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