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Aloha, BPers. 

I have been absent from the boards for a while because I spent the last couple months being a professional salesman door to door.  I learned a lot from a very large company about the mentality it takes, the commitment it takes, and the persistence it takes to sell door to door.  Currently I'm a student using my GI bill to go to school and wanted a summer job and said "why not" to this opportunity.  It was decent cash and I can't even begin to explain to you how much I learned and affirmed. 

What I want to bring up today are the things that I affirmed. 
1.) Building relationships with your customer is more important than your product because they buy you, not what you're selling. 

2.) The Law of Averages is real.  You will eventually get a yes.  And for every no you get you're one more talk-to closer to that yes. 

3.) You can rehash with everything.

I am still a landlord for properties in Hawaii that I've bought and held.  I've played around with the idea, way too many times, about getting my Sales Person license.  I have been enrolled in the course in Hawaii, Maryland, and now New York.  In New York I plan on doing a 9 day crash  course and taking the test the last day of the course.  

In New York agents can do, from what I understand and for those of you who haven't heard of the practice, rent brokering. They take people that need rental properties and they charge them one months rent (which pushing the lower end of the bracket here is about 1000 dollars) to get them into the properties (as renters). The landlord or some other entity, at that point, manages the property past the renter but the landlord incurs no cost to get a great tenant (presumably) at no cost to them. The reason why this works here is the rental MLS is massive and generally anything that hits Craigslist (the other main artery for renting here) is at or undermarket and is gone within hours if it's a deal. Some people prefer to go through brokers because of XYZ, blah blah blah.

I want to take the knowledge I have from going door to door and go door to door with my license here.  Build relationships within entire neighborhoods with homeowners and play my law of averages.  Use my knowledge of the steps to a business conversation, building value, steps to building impulse through conversation, closing, rehashing (which, in my experience, real estate professionals don't do NEAR enough) etc etc.  

I used to get 40-50 talk-tos in a day (only 6 hours a day door to door).  For me that meant that I would close between  2 and 3 of them with the product I had.  Even if it takes me two days and 200 talk-tos to get one person that knows someone or wants to rent or is looking for another place to rent, that is 40-50 more people in my farming area that I've met face to face and built a relationship over, even if brief, over a 5 minute period and by getting 1 person to rent or interested in a seminar or at a later date be put on my buyer's list or to send me someone else's info because of "That nice hard working young man" who knocked on the door a few months ago, it will have been worth my time.  When they tell agents to "expect their first check to come after 6 months" that's BS in my opinion.  

Anyhow, if people are interested in the idea I'll post the ideas I've had for a script and also if anyone else has had success or plight by trying to do this (trial and error) please share!  I'll have 5 days a week where I'm not going to school and am looking at this venture as supplemental income just as my current RE holdings are.  

Have a great night everyone!

I'm going to shamelessly bump this post since I posted it during an offpeak time and in the morning it quickly was buried.

Hi Abram,

Please keep us posted with your results. Best of luck to you.

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