quick auction.com question

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I registrered to bid but now have changed my mind and no longer want to bid on the house. 

If i do not bid,will i still get my $2,500  back which they hold on my credit card?  

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I lost an auction on auction.com about 2 weeks ago and it took only about 2-3 business days after the auction ended that the hold was removed. 

As a side note auction.com allows on some auctions to place pre-auction bids in which you do not need to deposit 2500 rather you need POF and your highest and best offer. Good luck with your pursuit of a property.

@Brian Burke  

  great   did you by chance follow that large lakefront property N of Lakeport that was up for tax's last year I think opening bid was 800k... I watched that one and I think it went back to bank of the west or one of those... I kind of wanted to buy that one.. I had done a few deals north of Lakeport over the years that were pretty decent..

@Jay Hinrichs  I put blinders on that blocked my vision of Lake County for the last eight years. I just recently bought up there for the first time in a long time!  It's too bad that the Clearlake airport is long gone and Lampson doesn't have rental cars, I might do more up there if I could be there in 15 minutes vs. 1.5 hours.  :)

Hi.  Howard here, a very small investor in Wilson, NC.  I recently helped a friend buy a house in Wilson for $52,000. where similar houses are priced just over $100,000.  Auction.Com came through just fine.  Auction.Com has a house in Greenville, Tn with starting bid of $20,000.  where my daughter lives.  I would love for someone to help me finance it so I could fix it up and flip it.  Auction starts Dec. 12.  Check it out.  I have been out of tax sales and auctions for a good while working almost full time and managing nearly 20 rentals.  But trying to get back into the buy and flip with rehabbing again.  Good luck on  the auctions.  By the way I came across an auction site I was not familiar with called Realtybid.com.  I partnered with a lady and got a house from them for $23,500 plus the $2,500. fee.  Houses on that road are priced in the $70,000s and it dosen't need much fix up.  

@Brian Burke  

  I could usually get airport auto brokers to send me out a car at Lampson.

Peirce was the other airport My dad had an office there in the 60's and 70's when he bought up half of the town of Clearlake in the day.... I think he probably had well over 1000 lots there.