LOOKING FOR: Mentor that is willing to help young investor

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I am seeking a mentor that has experience with creative financing and deal structuring. I would like to learn from someone who has been in real estate for awhile and interested in mentoring a young investor. I have experience with creating brands and marketing, but I would like to continue to learn and gain financial freedom through real estate. I have been interested in real estate for a long time and I'm a fast learner. I am on the verge of doing my first deal, but I would not mind a helping hand to guide me through the process. I've gotten a lot of people that say they don't have time or desire to mentor, but I only need one that is willing to help teach me the ropes. 

Again, please don't reply if you are not interested in my post or only have negative comments. I am seeking someone I can learn from and possible create a lasting relationship with. Thanks everyone!