Antelope or Citrus Heights, CA

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Looking for some opinions on two different cities in the Sacramento area. I'm looking into buying a SFH in either Citrus Heights or Antelope and plan to keep the property and rent it out after I move out.

@Branden Smith the prices for houses are almost the same in each city but Antelope is a little higher. In Citrus Heights, you will find homes that are built in the 1970's and in Antelope you can find homes built in the 1990's and newer. I remember you could find houses under 130k in each city now you cant find anything under 200k unless it needs work. I have owned rentals in each city so if you ever have more questions send me a email.

Gordon is spot on. CH has more older houses. East side of antelope is better than west but you'll pay more obviously. I dont know CH all that well but mostly older houses. I have a close friend with a rental in antelope. Does fine now. He has a cop renting it so he's super happy w/the tenant. But it only clears piti by $200 a month ( he did buy it like 11yrs ago). Months of inventory is likely low (2-3) last i looked (dont have my pc in front of me) which still suggests a sellers market. Depends where you live too if you are going to manage it

@Branden Smith

Good day Branden and everyone else. My mom is thinking about moving up north to Antelope or Orangevale. Can you tell me which is better and what areas to maybe stay away from (crime, ghettos etc). Also, where I should be looking. She has a max purchase price of $400k which is why we are looking in those areas. I just want her to be safe. Any info is much appreciated and helpful. Thank you😀

@Marcello Oliveri

Hello, not certain if this is still relevant. Between Antelope and Orangevale in Northern CA for your mom. I live in Citrus Heights and looked around the neighboring cities before purchasing our current residence. Orangevale has larger lot sizes and also more traditional older homes. Antelope is about the same but lot sizes are smaller. Perhaps there are pockets from both cities where neighborhoods are suitable for your mom. I would also say that since I live closer to Antelope, there are definitely more things to do / shops / restauraunts / etc in the Antelope area. Let me know if I can help further.

@Marcello Oliveri : there are pockets in both that could be good or could be bad. Orangevale has many many more homes on large lots, but would likely put you way above the 400k. Are there other areas she will travel to often? Both neighborhoods have good and bad areas. Its hard to say and officially i cannot 'stear' you. Lookup crime reports at "". Drive through certain areas as well, looking for bars on windows (LOL), pitbull fences, oil stains on driveways or streets, too many cars on streets, general condition people keep their homes in.... Prices are very high right now, so even 400k won't get you much. I personally would pick orangevale but only because i would want a larger lot and i would spend more $ to get it......