Who is investing in Los angeles right now?

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A new partner and I just invested in two fixer duplexes in the Mar Vista neighborhood. Our plan is to convert/develop them into triplexes over the next 18 months and either sell or rent them out until a more optimal time to sell. But I would like to know where others are investing in the LA County or South Bay areas?!? And feel free to call me anytime if you prefer to discuss over the phone.



@Account Closed I currently live in LA, own a rental property in Atlanta, and am looking to start investing locally. I'm really interested in finding a 2-4 plex to owner/occupy, but with my 50k - 80k I've saved up, I'm having a very hard time find anything where the numbers make sense. If I keep making connections and digging around, do you think that 50k - 80k is enough to get something good going with a 2-4 plex?

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We're actively buying in LA and Orange County. Been doing so in good and bad markets since the early 1990's. 

Best of luck to everyone looking for deals.

 Wow, that's great to hear. One of my concerns has always been buying right before another crash, but is that something to worry about if you're strictly purchasing to buy and hold?

Hey Michael!  I'm doing something similar in LA county, specifically in Long Beach area.  We're buying up 2-16 unit buildings that have room to raise rents and need a lot of work and doing a longer term flip on them (12-18 months).  We've completed two so far and they worked out well.

We also flip SFRs all over.  

Good luck!