Guru Seminars

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There's always questions on here from people about the seminars put on by different gurus, mentors, etc. As a GC, I often get inquiries from newbie investors who've spent thousands of dollars on these seminars, gotten bad information, and then got suckered into a bad deal on their first property. These two BP threads are good warnings.

Taking a stand after a $50,000 lie

Please help $41,000 paid to a guru company to be refunded !

So I found it very interesting to read a thread on Reddit's Entrepreneur forum tonight about Daymond John's "Launch Academy." Sounds like the exact same sales pitch, exact same bait & switch about the famous name who "couldn't be here tonight", the same playing on people's strong desire for help to make their situation better. It's not just real estate, folks. This BS crosses all kinds of fields.

We all want to better ourselves, folks. But don't be a sucker. Find someone in a local REIA that knows the local scene, and is successful, and doesn't mind teaching. Make yourself useful to that person. Learn what you can. Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars on a guru whose best skill is transferring your money into his bank account.