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Hey everybody,

I'm super interested in starting up an accountability group or mastermind. I'm looking around at my friends, and although many of them are talented and successful, none of them really have the drive to get into real estate. They're all in the medical field like me and don't really seem interested. 

It's tough to stay focused on one thing when everyone you trust and respect is doing something different. 

So.. I'm hoping there might be some interest in forming a group of like minded semi-newbies. We could either get together in person or more likely on the phone occasionally and brainstorm, review deals, keep each other focused, and maybe partner up on some things. 

Basically an investing club. I see a lot of people on here in a similar situation to me. I think this site helps them stay motivated and focused. A small group format would take it to the next level. It could be a sounding board for vetting deals, and also allow us to do more deals more quickly. 

I'm thinking the broader range of people the better, but ideally it would be people actively looking to do deals and in the position to do so, or at least contribute to one. 

If anyone is interested at all chime in!

This sounds awesome. Were you thinking of keeping this local or just anyone? 

Also, I would recommend that we also create a group chat/instant message area, that people can just quickly glance on their phones and maybe just run some quick questions. Being in tech, I would definitely recommend slack for this, as its for pc, macs, and mobile devices, and I use it everyday for work. Also, if we want voice chat integrated in, we could use discord. Although it was designed for being a quick way to create chatrooms for video games, I think it would work well for this case.

Let me know what you think or end up doing, and I could set up a group for us.

@Trevor Lohman , this is a great idea.  I tried to get one going awhile back, but there was no one from my area interested.  You might set specific times to meet or call so you can hold each other accountable.  if you know you must report on what you did every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. you are more likely to do something.  just a thought.  good luck.

@Tony Xu , I do not know every rule, but my understanding is that if you are just looking to connect and not selling it is fine.  I tend not to post anything that I wouldn't want 500 folks calling or logging in on as you never know how many might decide to contact you.  you can send private tells and set a meeting that way as well.

I am in for this. I would do WhatsApp instead of slack. Keep it more informal.
Let's connect via BP PM and figure out what to do

I guess I will just do it this way, if you are interested, please ping me or @Trevor Lohman . We both have the link to the slack channel, and we will try to organize the calls through there.

@Matt Beech I think it definitely makes sense for this not just to be local, as I believe both me and Trevor are both interested in investing out of state. And slack lets us create different channels for different regions, so we could create those as it becomes necessary. 

I will send you an invite Matt

@Avi Garg

The reason that I thought slack would work best is the ability to create multiple channels. That way, lets say if you are only interested in 1 market, or want to ignore some particular topic, it makes it a lot easier. But if you feel like whatsapp is a better fit for this, and have solid reasons, I have no objections

Exactly @Tony Xu

This isn't limited to a specific geography. If anything it will be a huge plus having people from markets other than CA. Just living where you do might be an asset to the group.

For those people who have chimed in so far, what are your goals, strategies, etc? Talk about yourselves a little.

This sounds like a good idea to me, too. I'm also looking out of state. Want to focus on a particular area, southern Ohio is at the top of my list right now, so I can develop a core group of contacts who are local and can be the boots on the ground. Looking for a good local partner who can help oversee small scale rehabs of older, urban multi families that will have solid cash flow when they are eventually rented out. I'll message you @Tony Xu to get the link.

Hello everyone, 

If you if you don't mind, I'd love to be part of this group as well. I certainly could use some help and accountability and willing to help out who ever needs it in any way I can. 

-Alex Hively

Originally posted by @Tony Xu :

I would definitely recommend slack for this.... Also, if we want voice chat integrated in, we could use discord.

Slack has voice and video chat.

I think the accountability group idea is a great one, as I believe many a good intention falls into a nebula due to lack of self-motivation and accountability.  I feel I'm still too green to be able to contribute, but I wish you all the best of luck!

I would also be interested in this. (And would definitely prefer Slack over Whatsapp).

I'm a newbie-ish investor in Cleveland, living in my first house hack (four units) with one other pure rental property (duplex). Working on my first BRRRR right now.

So interested in this! Accountability is huge and if you don't have others to "report" to more or less, it's easy to fall off track. 

Love the idea and I would also like to join in. 

Tony can you get me looped in please? 

I'm in SF also. We should connect sometime.

Wanted to give an update on this thread, 

Slack has been awesome! Thank you for that recommendation @Tony Xu . The ability to create separate channels has been very nice for allowing people with similar interests to group up. 

One thing that I've begun to notice is we have a lot of California people looking for boots on the ground OOS (myself included). We seem to have lots of people looking to invest, but not so many boots on the ground. @Gwen Fyfe has been incredibly helpful as a cleveland local. Ohio in general has been a market being discussed a lot. If you're in columbus or cleveland, or really any market that you think OOS investors would like to learn more about please join our group! I know we have people looking to connect with knowledgeable folks in IN, TN, etc.

I just want to encourage any upstart investors out there in midwest/southeast markets to join. I wish I lived in a market like that because I think you have huge asset just based on your location. There is a great opportunity for you if you live in a promising rental market to form some partnerships and gain access to capital. There are a lot of OOS people who aren't sure about the turnkey model, and would love the opportunity to meet you and form a investment partnership of some kind. 

If anyone would like a link just PM me.