Checking repairs made after inspection negotiation?

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Hello BP,

I just had the inspection done on a property I have under contract.  It came back that the chimney is leaking due to improper flashing.  I asked the seller to have the chimney re-flashed before I would close on the property.  He agreed to the repair but now my question is, how do I know if he really made the proper repair or if the repair was made at all? Do I hire a contractor to go look at it before closing to make sure it was done right? Do I ask to get on the roof to take a look to see if it was done correctly?  

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Just ask for the invoice from the repair company, assuming you are requiring them to use a licensed and insured contractor. If it’s a DIY, then I guess you would either have to check yourself or hire a contractor to have a look.

Definitely have it checked out PRIOR TO CLOSING. On one multi-family I purchased the seller was supposed to have had the windows puttied/sealed and sash cords repaired (amongst other things).

After the closing I discover most work had been done but the window work hadn't. 

The seller wasn't to blame - he lived out of state and his incompetent property manager didn't seem to care. 

When I griped about it to my RE lawyer he stated there was likely nothing I could do as the closing had already happened. 

Lesson learned. 

Now I ALWAYS make certain I gain access prior to closing so I can make certain any and all agreed upon repairs have been completed. When it comes to agreed upon repairs and having them completed, it's much easier to put the heat on the seller prior to closing and demand the repairs happen (or for a credit to be made), when money hasn't yet exchanged hands.