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Hi Everybody! I hope you all have had a great holiday season. My team and I have launched a new site, we've had traffic but zero conversions. I'd like to share the website for you all to review and critique in order for us to improve our presence online. Our ad campaign is very targeted to users who may be interested to "sell land", why do you think visitors are not signing up? is the url, Check it out and let me know what we can do to make it better.


@Uriel Castro

Do you track where your traffic is coming from? Do you have any calls?  And how much traffic do you have? What do you expect to be traffic/signing up conversion rate?  I think this question is loaded and need more data and info. The website looks standard as many other RE whole sale websites and I personally do not se any issue with it.  May be you should change target market and or your marketing. How did you get traffic to the website? 

@Uriel Castro   Overall, the site looks good.  It's easy to read and communicates well.

My only criticisms - and these are a stretch:

1. The Mindy S. testimonial feels fake.  Her head shot looks professionally done and the writing seems a little too scripted.

2. The lead capture seems a little too pushy / anxious.  There's a lead form on every single page.

I think a "Results" page that offered actual case studies would work well.

If you're getting visits but not conversions, you should review your keywords.  You may be attracting the wrong kind of traffic.