Oklahoma city rehab costs

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Hi everyone,

I'm exploring a potential fix and flip in the oklahoma city area. I was hoping someone could provide me a general guideline as to how much I would expect to pay for a full cosmetic rehab in oklahoma. House built in the 1970s and it's's in the north side of Oklahoma city. 

I understand rehab expenses vary but a general guideline would be very helpful.

To even give a ballpark there needs to be WAY more info than just the year. How big, how many stories, bed count, bath count, what is the anticipated ARV, I assume you are paying a GC to run the job? Does it need a roof, hvac, is it a full gut to the studs? Aluminum wire (that age range is when it was used)?

Sorry, should have been more specific. It's a ranch, 2000 SQ FT, 4 BD/2.5 BA. Needs HVAC, minor landscaping, and a full cosmetic rehab. No electrical work required besides replacing light fixtures. and just rough plumbing for baths. I would probably have a handy man do the entire work since this is an FHA buyer neighborhood and have 3 months to coordinate/finish the project. but I wouldn't expect the rehab to run for more than 6 weeks.