Where Will Amazon HQ 2 Land

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DC. 3 of the 20 finalists are here. Bezos is building a $50 mansion here and is doing a $15 million renovation on his already existing house here.

My guess is still Atlanta. Infrastructure. Plenty of great Universities nearby to attract talent from. Very affordable for now. 

I read some where Boston and DC areas seem to be in the lead. I also heard they may do another final best offer round with top 3 or 5? If it were me I would say Chitown, NYC and LA give us your final best offer. 

LA is on the west coast same as their current HQ, i.e., Seattle, so from running a business perspective it makes more sense to have the 2nd one close to east coast.

Well since everybody seems to be putting up their hopes I'll add Dallas to the list. And honestly, traffic is already bad in all of these places and Amazon will make it worse wherever it lands.

As Amazon is busy having a city selecting beauty pageant, Apple is quietly negotiating a deal in RTP, North Carolina.The Apple deal is 10,000 jobs and $2B investment. Smart of Apple to do this, taking advantage of the great technical talent in the area with companies like Lenovo (IBM) being there for years. I think it is doubtful that Amazon will select Raleigh for this reason, but better off for Raleigh to land Apple. 


Since it hasn't been mentioned yet and is never talked about as a true contender, I'll go out on a limb and say the Crossroads of America - Indianapolis!

Originally posted by @Manish A. :

LA is on the west coast same as their current HQ, i.e., Seattle, so from running a business perspective it makes more sense to have the 2nd one close to east coast.

 Yeah, I think they want that DC area option for political reasons. Microsoft paid bigtime for not having the political game in place when the regulators came calling with hands out. I am sure Bill told him that already. Otherwise IMO West Coast LA, would be a good choice as it is where East meets West in the largest market  ( most future growth)  and the rest for talent attraction reasons maybe. My best guess is still DC areas. 

I live in cary (near Raleigh) and I don’t think it’s coming here. Our airport is to small.

It’ll be on the east coast, near DC or Atlanta.

There have been some interesting grumblings about the head GC for Amazon purchasing his personal home in Apex...take it for what it’s worth. Who wants in now?!

Rtp...,Atlanta.... ..but a head-fake upset, Jacksonville Fla will get it with location, affordability,  port, ..many other things..

I don't know where people get their information. I doubt Bezos would choose a site based on his convenience, which wasn't one of the criteria. That's classic Trump logic, not Bezos logic. The AMZN goal in site location is to find the best place for the company, and indirectly its employees

While RDU isn't big, about 26,000 people fly per day. If 50,000 AMZN employees fly every month, annual RDU numbers would be back to about 2007 levels. RDU can handle the traffic. Besides, the project is HQ2 not a mega-fulfillment center. 

According to this article today by local reporters, the 130.11 acre site in Centenial Campus appears to be a good fit. There is an additional 749.9 acres across the street (same owner, the State of NC) if they ever want to expand. LOL! You can practically walk to Glenwood South and the Warehouse district from that parcel. 

So, AAPL in RTP and AMZN in Centennial Campus would be my guess. Everyone has their opinion, of course, and some are focused on the real estate side that would impact future employees. My view is that people are a big part of a business, and that affordability and quality of life for employees (as opposed to convenience for the CEO) may be the parameter that tips the scales.