Looking for a Partner for Buy & Holds

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Hi everyone! I'm looking to possibly partner up with someone or a group. At this moment, I've been focusing on the Baltimore, MD market; however, I am open to other markets if the numbers make sense. I don't mind being the boots on the ground and/or also contributing capital. I'm eager to get the ball rolling! I've read enough posts where others say that they wished they had formed a partnership earlier in their investing career because they would have gotten out of the "rat race" sooner. 

At this moment, I'm looking at purchasing my first buy & hold in Baltimore. It does not need any work other than replacing carpet and it is being sold for $30k. I'm also entertaining a seller finance deal. 

To be clear, I am looking for a partnership for B&H's. I'm not 100 percent interested in fix and flips at this time. 

@Candace Noel

I'm in total agreement with you on getting into a good, symbiotic partnership.  If I could go back in time a few years, I would have sought out a partnership before taking on certain projects as it would have saved me quite a bit of money and headache.  That being said, I still came way ahead and learned a ton, but I feel like I could have done more with less money outgoing.

My main concern is how you find a partner and vet them.  There are a few disgusting people out there who are looking for an easy opportunity, so my question to you is: How do you find the right partner and when will you know it's the right partnership?

It sounds like you're on the right track though, for sure.  

I am a buy and hold investor in Baltimore. Always happy and partner with other investors so free to PM me. Regarding the deal you mentioned, I would be really careful about the tenant and neighborhood quality. I haven't seen many deals for the all-in price you've described that aren't in really bad areas.