How can I buy the White House?

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I have a solid job, and I make decent money, and I also have a credit score somewhere above 800. I also know plenty of accredited investors.

This morning, I hop up out my bed, turn my swag on and decided I want to buy the White House. 

How do I get my name on the deed?

Originally posted by @Jessie Nunley :

The simple answer is you cant. The U.S Government owns the White House and once they own something they never let it go. :)

I feel like where there is a will there is a way.

Success is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration.

In the next reply, you are supposed to applaud my positive attitude and go-getter mentality!

Well theoretically it is possible. You just have to create a situation where they are forced to liquidate it. If you are frisky enough then you should become best friends with the General Partners of mega Hedge Funds with massive assets under management and key people at bulge bracket investment banks. Then you shou... *secret service knocks on door*

@Aaron Hunt

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@Aaron Hunt

If you go to Black level, I'll teach you how to keep your parents from dying, your kids from getting sick, your wife from losing interest in you...HIGH-LEVEL HIGH-LEVEL HIGH-LEVEL HIGH-LEVEL HIGH-LEVEL.

I’d like to buy the White House too . I have a small issue though I have a 423 credit score I’m flat broke and I still owe 750k on my house . I’m super motivated though ! I have no experience or marketable skills but I will do some leg work if that’s what it takes . I have heard on here you can buy real estate with no money down so I want to sign up for Jim K’s high level platinum coarse . Jim if you are willing to accept me into your fly with eagles three day seminar I offer you 14.63$ and a half eaten McRib sandwich

@Dennis M.

Two snaps and a salute for your go-getter positive mentality and super moxie, Dennis!

But for $14.63 and a gnawed McRib, all we can do for you is start you on the Layaway level. You get to clap in the background of the three-day seminar to increase the positive energy in the room. You should feel privileged.

Originally posted by @Jim K. :

@Dennis M.

You get to clap in the background of the three-day seminar to increase the positive energy in the room.

This just became a lot funnier than I had expected it to. Dying over here!

How did the infamous McRib make its way into this discussion?! I mean it’s absolutely delicious but damn. Haha!

Anyone else finding it hard nowadays to tell satire posts from the real ones?

I recently read a thread on here and thought for 100% sure it was a joke. It was not lol

We're reaching peak saturation of people thinking they can buy a 100+ unit apartment without any experience, credit, or money. It blows my mind 

@Aaron Hunt I have good news for ALREADY own the white house! 

But it's more like a fractional/time-share ownership where you have a 1/328,000,000 interest. ( 

And of course, you're welcome home anytime! Just let your staff ( know you're coming so they can be sure the toilet seat is disinfected and the dog bathed.

However, after you take @Jim K. amazing course, you'll quickly become super wealthy. And like most billionaires, you'll have so many homes, there will be grand ones that you purchase that you never even get to. The White House may just be one of those!

@Jim K. I have opened 3 new credit cards and upped my limits by 50k so I can put your course on my credit card. It’ll be great.

@Aaron Hunt I’ve already bought the White House. I gave our president a great deal on the rent.

Forget the disclaimer, Caleb. You'll make back the 50K and pay off the 23.75% APR on the cards off the first deal I throw your way. Maybe even make enough to trade the Camry up to a Lambo. Witness the power of Jimbo's Real Estate Eagles Extravaganza Seminar! Can I get a hallelujah, brothers and sisters?

Originally posted by @Caleb Heimsoth :

Jim K. I have opened 3 new credit cards and upped my limits by 50k so I can put your course on my credit card. It’ll be great.

Aaron Hunt I’ve already bought the White House. I gave our president a great deal on the rent.

Let me guess - it was the greatest lease ever created with the lowest rent ever, and still made you wealthy beyond your imagination!

Jim’s coarse is the real deal Folks . Look The government tried shutting Jim down because they know this knowledge is so powerful it would tip the housing market if everybody knew it ! Your going to learn the secrets * they don’t want you to know* creative stuff nobody thought about with zero money out of your pocket . Some secret strategies like the double buy back land contract ,reverse flip mortgages , the triple sandwich lease option, the subject 2 and subject 3 loans and much more . I spent my entire life as a chicken trying to fly out of the coop now I’m an eagle ..a shiny platinum coated eagle

If you want to buy the White House PM me.  When I said I bought it I just meant it’s under contract.  I need an end buyer so I can wholesale it.

Asking price is 100M

I like all the strategic thinking about the White House in this thread. You have some bold ambition! Like the webinars are always saying, don't conclude that you can't because of your situation.. ask yourself how can you? 

@Aaron Hunt I hope you're 10x your efforts and win the rat race to retirement. 

Make sure you take "Ultra Platinum Diamond Jubilee" training where you learn insider secrets... the ones "they" don't want you to know. 

Also, can you, please, ask your PE friends to loan me $20M? I promise to never return it and blow it all away on wholesaling only the classiest Class D properties. 

I have no experience, abysmal credit score, proud high school drop out with no friends. But I read a self-help book and now I know my grit and determination will help me acquire 1,000 unit multifamily properties.