Crack cocaine cooked in house

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So I made a cash offer on a house owned by the US Marshals. Last time I saw them selling a house, I found out it was a meth house and decided to find lower hanging fruit. Well here I am again, looking at a house and no disclosures of meth. Which i think they’re required to say. So I find out owners do some google searching and see that owner was arrested for selling cocaine, fired arms, and a bunch of cash were seized. In the article states they converted cocaine to crack at the house for sale. Any crack specialists out there shed any light? I remember the old master p song, “make crack like dat” lol. But is it cooked? Does it cause fumes and make a house toxic? The guy is in federal prison for 10 years. I think I’ll be able to get in, do some light rehab and sell it before he’s out. Input appreciated

I believe there are actually laws regarding how to handle a house (and the rehab) that was a drug lab. It probably varies by state. I want to say there is quite a bit to do as there are off gas from materials that have absorbed the chemicals in the creating process of drugs. Kind of like having to deal with asbestos, so probably $$$.  Do some serious research before you buy this. Real serious research because since you now know the odds are 99.999% they cooked in there you are liable for anything after the fact. Personally I wouldn't touch it unless the price would allow me to bulldoze it and build new. Others might say it could be saved but I just don't want that hassle not matter the money. Again just my personal opinion as I have no experience dealing with it.