How do you net the most profit when selling a property?

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I am considering selling my condo early next year and was wondering how I could net the most profit off of my equity when I sell it? If I found a buyer and had my agent represent both sides, would that be a good strategy?

If you found a buyer, then why not do the deal yourself.  I am unaware of Hawaii laws, but in Texas I sold a property without agents.  We just used the helpful title company for the paperwork and any questions.   

@Chris Chantavong FSBO can work, but one thing to consider is how much the purchase price for a MLS sale vs FSBO. MLS is the open market, which opens it up to all buyers. Flat fee brokers will save money, but may not get the top price, since service is usually pretty lacking. The other thing to think about is dual agency issues if you have your agent write the contract, since the agent won't be able to be a fiduciary to both sides.

I have learned through my local REIA that my market is very predicatably cyclical on a yearly basis. So I always try to sell my homes in the Spring when the cycle favors the sellers, and try to buy in the summer (it's HOT in AZ) or around Christmas time..

Also, staging the home is ridiculously inexpensive and well worth the cost.