D.C. recorder of deeds

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I'll try to ask this questions the best way I can to be clear because this is new to me, I've heard of people doing this elsewhere. I am currently getting list's from list source I am trying to try something different and actually go to the governmental agency in D.C. that deals with providing real estate data which I believe is the D.C. recorder of deeds. Has anyone conducted research down there? If so what are some pointers?

Thats interesting information/idea. i have not heard of this in other podcasts/books. what sort of information would you hope to be gathering at the DC recorder of Deeds that would be helpful to you? would this be like listings you could find Prior to them hitting the MLS?

To respond to Josh I am trying to do what listsource does. The ability to make a list based of my criteria. 

To Russell you are right the information is online and I have used the site to search for owners etc.

What I am wondering is if anyone has gone to the recorder of deeds and were able to search based on a select criteria. Or if they are able to place some filters on the search. The search for DC taxes and recorder of deeds website filters are too broad. I know list source pulls from public records and I am sure they have a huge stuff scrubbing and matching criteria but how and where do they get the raw data from?

I don't know if I'll get anywhere with this especially dealing with DC and I know listsource is probably the most efficient and convient way to get the info I need for wholesaling.

@Jon Sheffield I see, I know about listsource but I didn't realise someone would want to go further down the rabbit hole. As you mentioned you might find there is a lot of junk and garbage data behind what is already listsource and you would be actually working less efficient. But it might be worth a trip just to see

The DC recorder of deeds is not going to give you any lists. However, it can be very helpful in evaluating properties once you have identified them as targets.

For example... very helpful to know when a property is owned free and clear, or, alternatively, when a property has liens that exceed its value.

Recorders do not abstract much information from the document. Often just grantor (seller, borrower...) grantee (buyer, lender...) date, document number and document type. All of the other fields (criteria) that a service like listsource offers are abstracted (manually entered by a person looking at the document). That is a difficult and time consuming process, and just a small part of the value us list providers offer. In addition to abstraction we also match the property to assessor records, parcel maps, demographics data, etc. Bottom line, you could never duplicate the service listsource offers for yourself for anywhere near the cost of just using the service. Vendors can do it because we spread the costs among thousands of customers.