Searching Zillow for properties near Denver

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Myself and another investor went on youtube and searched through Zillow for real estate near Denver Colorado. This is not so much educational but searching through Zillow with a friend is much more fun! Maybe less productive.

While searching through the properties, I realized the price ranges in Denver really seem to favor FLIPPING homes. Not purchasing and leasing out. Is this what most investors near Denver have found?

Hi @Timothy W Hanson ,

The perfect person to answer your questions is @Chris Lopez . His knowledge of investing in the Denver market is second to few. Chris also hosts and co-hosts many classes and webinars that focus on various investment strategies which are tailor-made for the Denver Metro Area. Please click on Chris above to learn more!

LOL. Zillow is a lead generation tool that takes your info and sells it to the highest bidder. It should not be used to base investment decisions. 

The flipping market has been brutal for most of us here in town. Deals have been hard to find for a few years. There is more opportunity on the horizon, but it will be more dangerous than it has been. A lot of inexperienced flippers will go under since they won't be saved by rapid appreciation and low supply for their product. I've been seeing a lot of flipped "crap" out there lately, and those homes are sitting. 

 I'm one of the few agents on this site that actively flip, and I'm scaling back. One of my most profitable deals last year was only changing the locks and selling it to another investor.