Looking to start in Chattanooga

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I am looking to break into the Chattanooga, Tennessee market by purchasing a single family investment. I'm targeting a live in flip strategy, so a SFR or a small multi family property. Because Chattanooga would be a new market for me, I'm looking to connect with wholesalers in the area, as well as contractors, painters, or other people that might help with a project like this. I'm also very interested to hear local investors thoughts on what areas of town you like and why. The reason why I want to do this? Well, I like Chattanooga and I want to do a project that will help me grow as an investor. To this point I've partnered on ~380 units in Birmingham, AL, partnered in a wholesaling business in Huntsville, AL, done several lease options, contract for deed, private money transactions and passive investments on 445 multi family units in Texas. I see this project as something fun that I can learn a lot about the parts of typical projects that I've never done, all while living in the property. So while o have a decent amount of experience, there are specific parts of this live in flip that I'd have to learn and that sounds like an adventure I'd like to experience. My goal is to make a profit on the property, all while learning how to do the management that is involved with this type of project. Please connect if you invest or wholesale in the area!

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We would love to see you out at our investor happy hour! We post it here in the events section and it's the 4th Thursday of each month. With all the hype around Huntsville, it's interesting you would choose Chattanooga. It is a great place to live.

What type of area are you looking for? Different investors definitely have different opinions on what makes a good area vs bad. Any specific criteria you want to share?

@Kelly Rastatter C+ neighborhood or B- neighborhood most likely. I’m also cool with the outskirts (within 20 mins of downtown) as long as it’s on the Tennessee side and has strong comps. Chattanooga because it’s somewhere new, and it has Tennessee tax laws haha.

@Caleb Bryant Chattanooga has several opportunities to do exactly as you described. Due to the geography there are many options of areas to choose from as @Kelly Rastatter mentioned a few, all of which are within 20 minutes of the downtown area. Many of those areas have great potential for a live in flip. I'm a Chattanooga local and would love to connect further. Id be glad to help you decide on an area that may interest you.