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Chad Davis
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Chad Davis
Posted Oct 3 2019, 10:13

I currently own three doors that rent out. I've been involved in real estate for nearly 20 years now, but only small time. I'm very interested in growing, but I have so many questions that I'd love to bounce off of experienced people who have already been through it. 

A few of the topics I'd love to discuss: 

  • -Setting up a business entity...or not
  • -Financing options
  • -Looking into flipping
  • -Partnering with others
  • -Multifamily housing
  • -Working w/family
  • -Selling to reinvest (1031)
  • -And so much more

I guess I'm really just looking for a local networking group. I know that's what this online forum is for, but each of the topics I'm interested in discussing could be one or multiple separate posts.

I'm just looking to learn as much as everyone is willing to teach.

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