AirBnb scam featuring a BP member!

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In what will hopefully be a wake-up call for AirBnb, one of the hosts was pulling bait-and-switches across the country. He'd show pictures of a nice place, get a reservation, call right before the stay and say that there are plumbing issues, then offer a replacement property that's a dump. Rinse, repeat.

What's more, he's a BP member! Looks like the FBI has gotten involved now. Not sure if Shray Goel is still active on the forums, but BP members may not want to follow his "Buy, don't Rebab, Rent, Ruse, Repeat" method.

I just read this article, as well. Cheating to make a buck will never work in the long run.

Ouch. I had a similar issues with Airdbnb in Hollywood. I booked a room from someone who was "renting" it themselves. I was met by an eviction team and angry landlords with cameras in hand. It was not pretty. 

Unfortunately there are bad apples in every industry.  This gives Vacation Rental owners a bad name. I have a Vacation Rental in a mountain area in Arizona and we try VERY hard to provide an exceptional product.  All 5 stars and we are coming on our 1 year anniversary. Our first guest was Thanksgiving last year.  Great investment!

I have a perfect AirBnb for this guy. It is a recently remodeled 1 bunk 6x12 cell with rave reviews! Happy stay dirt bag.

A very interesting thing just happened... I signed an offer to purchase a duplex in Milwaukee, WI and decided I'd google the owner (didn't know their name til seeing their signature on the OTP since we've been working exclusively with the broker). Turns out it's Shray Goel— the guy discussed in this thread. So bizarre! Guess I'll have to check twice throughout my inspection period to make sure there's no shady business happening...