How would a Trump impeachment affect real estate market?

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That’s true, at least not directly... but there are all sorts of indirect effects on the economy, no? 

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Can't imagine a impeachment effecting real estate values much. Presidents come and go. People will always need a place to live. Overnight demand for houses wont drop because of one event. 

Ask yourself, would you sell your property dirt cheap soley because of an impeachment? 


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@Ilya Polyakov

Which RE market are you talking about? The LA MSA, New York MSA, Washington DC MSA? There is no one real estate market and if the impeachment occurs it will impact them all differently, mostly likely to a mirror but varying degree. 

House impeachment, no effect. Senate conviction and removal ( which won't happen) no effect. 
Zoltan Pozsar's prediction
that the Fed may "lose control of overnight rates" leading to a vicious dislocation in repos coupled with a paralysis in the FX swap market, many traders who (pretend to) understand the implications of what the former Fed strategist said, have quietly hunkered down and are looking carefully for signs that Pozsar is correct, a worst case scenario that could then lead to a spike in Treasury yields, a forced deleveraging of hedge funds, and a plunge in equities. In short: a stockmarket apocalypse.

Big effect.