Looking for Resources - 2021 Real Estate Agent Goals

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Hey BP gang!

I always set my annual goals in October for the coming year. I'm not in love with my template (currently in google sheets). Does anyone have examples they like? 

Ideally, I'd like to address personal, spiritual, business (I'm a real estate agent) goals and then break them down into achievable smaller goals. I was really inspired after reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent - and was hoping someone out there might have a template based on the conversion metrics included in that book. Any templates or advice would be welcome! Thanks!

@Sarah Thomsen great book.  What are you trying to track exactly, how many conversations you must have to earn a client?   I personally set my goals quarterly, for me it creates more urgency.   My goals I write on a white board at my office desk so I see them all day.  I have a journal for real estate/ business.  I write in it daily and then review weekly, I then review the weekly reviews monthly so at the end of the month I have my main focus points.

Does this help?

Thanks for the help @Shawn Mcenteer !

I'd ideally like to track the conversions at every stage in the funnel. So from lead to the initial meeting to showings to first offer out etc. And then the same on the seller's side. MDRA had great numbers, but I'd love them in an editable sheet.

Love the idea for quarterly goals and the while board!