Turnkey Investing - RentToRetirement (Feedback/Reviews)

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Hi BiggerPockets community, I am considering investing in turnkey properties thru RentToRetirement. I am looking for feedback from others who have used their services. Some things I am interested in knowing is how their projected numbers compared to what you actually received (cash flow, expenses, etc.), if you visited the properties yourself/had your own inspection done, and overall satisfaction/any other insights that you would like to provide.

RentToRetirement seems like a quality establishment, but this will be my first time investing in real estate all together. That being said, I am just trying to do some due diligence. I understand turnkey may not be as profitable as performing say BRRRR investments on my own, but I figure this may not be a bad way to start.

Thanks in advance!

@Mitch Vejvoda

Turnkey is a great way to get started and @Zach Lemaster is a great resource and mentor. BRRRR does have more profit/scalability potential but it also has significantly more risk. If you're looking for a sound first investment, RTR is the way to go.

I've purchased property with them and have been happy with my experience. My cash flow has been higher than their projections because I've had no out of pocket expenses yet. It should come down a bit over time but that's to be expected. I performed my own inspection and appraisal. You can go see the properties if you wish but it's probably unnecessary. There are professionals who are able to do it for you. 

Good luck!

I am also considering purchasing through them. I am in the Pacific northwest and I could buy several cash flowing properties with them vs investing so much into one property here. I know that I am not going to see the same appreciation as I would buying in my area but I could get my foot in the door and get some cash flow coming in while looking for a BRRR opportunity in my area.