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We're just starting to look at out-of-state investment options, turnkey providers being one choice, and I am wondering if anyone has had any recent experience they'd like to share about Zach Lemaster and his company, RentToRetirement, specifically in Birmingham and Memphis. We are in Vermont and would love to hear from anyone who has purchased from afar and if you had a good or bad experience with Zach. Thanks! 

I am an Medical student/ investor out of California and I have bought 4 properties from Zach. In fact, I am working with him right now to buy a package of three houses. I have had a great experience with Zach. Back in March, my parents gave me some money to invest and learn. I didnt know where to begin. I met Zach on biggerpockets and I was a bit skeptical about investing out of state and meeting someone on Biggerpockets. But I have kept in contact with him and he has helped me strategically build my rental portfolio. I have asked so many dumb question as I was new to this buisness. Zach has answered patiently. If you want to work with someone that is hardworking, strategic and more importantly CONSISTENT, then Zach is my first recommendation. 

We've purchased three homes this year working with Zach & RentToRetirement.  Two with conventional financing, and one with the seller financing option using our SDIRA.  Great experiences all around.  Zach and everyone on his team is very straightforward, helpful & responsive when it comes to making sure we were well informed on everything we were doing.  I had analysis paralysis for a long time and ended up just wasting time without taking any action!  I am so happy that we are on the way to building our passive income portfolio, and plan to scale up even more next year!  It's very important to choose the right team to work with, and there are so many to choose from, but I can honestly say that you won't go wrong with Zach & his team!

Thanks so much for getting back to me. On to the next step! Just curious if either of you considered any other turnkey providers? I'm looking at MemphisInvest and Chris Cloutier as well.

I've absolutely called around, but we felt most comfortable with Zach as he was very responsive and eager to make sure we were well taken care of.  I looked into Memphs Invest, and from what I hear they do a great job on the management side.  Their homes were just a little out of my price range, and I have heard from a few investors that appraisals often come in under purchase price and the investor is expected to pay the difference.  I've never bought through them though.  Hope this helps.

I have worked with Zach Lemaster & RentToRetirement for years now, and purchased multiple properties through him in different markets!  Really top notch individual!  Zach is a seasoned investor himself and he brings much more to the table than any other Turnkey companies I've spoke with or worked with!  I don't know anyone else in the game that offers quality turn key properties in nice neighborhoods, helps you strategically plan for the future AND can offer in-house financing if you need!  From purchase through management, I've been very happy and plan to continue to invest with them!

Thanks so much for the help. :)

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