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Zach has recently helped and guided me to closing on my first out-of-state investment property. With me being a beginning investor, Zach has been very patient in listening to me sort out my inner doubts/conflicts while also helping me better understand the stages of purchasing an investment. He has responsive teams in place that smooth out the process. He is easy to talk to, has had an answer for every question I've had and has helped me feel more confident in making big decisions. His mix of reassuring wisdom and genuine passion for real estate is special and I am grateful to have him as a resource. I am now waiting for my first payment. Otherwise, I am looking forward to strategizing with him, and seeing how I can expand my portfolio from here! I would fully recommend scheduling a call with Zach. Feel free to contact me on my biggerpockets profile if you have any further questions. Thank you Zach!

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@Marcus Paras Thank you very much for the kind words & feedback.  Looking forward to working with you on many more future investments to build a well balanced passive income portfolio!  The first one is often the most difficult to acquire, but also the most important to set the foundation to build upon for future scalability!

If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Great thread! I’ve been researching on Zach and team, as well and glad to hear such awesome feedback. I’ll be in contact with them soon! 

Hi Everyone, 

I would like to get feedback on your experience working with Zach and his team specifically 1. the projected cash flow per month and how close were they to what you actually receive  2. Were your properties rented out when you bought them, if not how long before the PM was able to fill your vacancy and 3. did you go to see the property when you were in the process of purchasing, why or why not?  I know there has to be a great deal of trust that has to exist with the owner and his or her team  but being a first time investor I would like to know what successful investors with rent to retirement have done in the past. 

Looking to purchase my first property before the year ends!

Thank you all for your help!

Hi @Roushel Asuncion ,

Nice goal to get into a rental before end of year!  I actually closed 3 homes with rent to retirement & @Zach Lemaster  a few months ago, and have had a very positive experience overall.  I wrote about my experience on a different thread here:

So far my cash flow is exceeding their initial projections as I really haven't had any vacancy or maintenance.  I'm sure that will come into factor as I own my homes throughout the years.  All homes were rented at time of closing.  I did not choose to see the homes in person as it did not make logistical sense for me at the time, but I'm sure I will at some point down the road.  They did provide me with a lot of information about the general market overview, the neighborhood, the home & repairs that were done.  I also went on google maps to virtually "drive" the neighborhoods, which all looked like nice locations with well kept homes.  I also relied heavily on the appraisal report as a 3rd party verification that all information was accurately presented to me.  The bank required and ordered the appraisal for each home.

Have you seen the first page to this thread? There seem to be a lot of people that have successfully worked with renttoretirement and happy with their rentals. I actually learned about them from a coworker of mine that has purchased with them for the past few years. We started talking real estate, and about all the benefits of owning rentals in different markets that have higher cash flow & returns. He then put me in touch with them. Overall I was very impressed by their communication, professionalism, and willingness to take as much time as I needed to walk me through all the important steps of investing in a market I'm not familiar with or close to. That was crucial for me doing this for the first time. I'm now working to set up my LLC and entity protection with their guidance and legal support.

I'm very excited I was able to get into 3 rentals in 2019, and my goal is to add 5 more to my portfolio in 2020, and hopefully be at 20 doors by 2022!  Feel free to pm me any specific questions you have.  Good Luck!!

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@Diana Jing

Thank you for the great feedback!  I'm also very excited to assist you with building your passive income portfolio!  We love to work with investors that are serious and able to take action!  I speak to a lot of newer investors that can never seem to simply take the steps necessary to purchase their first rental property, which is frustrating all around, and ultimately a time waste for everyone.  That first investment property is so essential to shift your mindset to that of an investor, and to build the foundation to be able to scale upon in the future!  We do our best to have all the systems already in place to easily allow investors to purchase rentals in these excellent cash flow markets.  As the old saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink."  Glad you are a motivated investor willing to take action towards aggressively building your rental portfolio!  I have no doubt you will accomplish your passive income goals within your timeline or even sooner!  As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the meantime.  Looking forward to the next round of properties!

@Roushel Asuncion

Nice speaking with you the other day.  Feel free to reach out with any additional questions you have as I am happy to schedule a follow up call at any point in time.  As we discussed, the next procedural steps would be to get a pre-approval from one of our recommended lenders, then we can work together to identify some specific properties that fit your investment criteria and get you started!  I do think we have enough time to get you into an excellent rental by end of year if you are committed to doing so!

Also, here is a link to my personal page where 40+ investors have left reviews for me that have work with us in the past.  

This should help to build your confidence in our team as well, but again, it all goes back to getting that first rental under our belts so you have some first hand experience to judge from.  Then we can focus on scaling up in the future to accomplish your overall passive income aspirations!  Our goal is to develop long term business partnerships with our investors!




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