How to fight an appraisal

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Most recent comp is 6 months old 

>>>> Appraisal says 1.3 acres LESS for the subject than the county says 
Appraisers reply. I don’t count wetland.  
Not true as evidenced by including wetland in one of the comps 

>>>> Appraiser gives $5000 credit for pond view on comp.   Subject property is ON. A pond approx 12 times the size of comp

Appraiser says it’s in the back yard so not the real view 

>>>> Appraiser says a brand new 150sq foot outdoor kitchen on subject property with new Fridge, cement floor, sink, cook top and Pugilla is equal to 20+ year old rusted and falling down wore field fence 

Appraiser says yes they are equal 

>>>>> Appraiser gives no increase in price now VS comps which sold 1 year ago even this area of FL is experiencing the second fastest increase in prices in 50 years 

Lender even says appraiser is completely wrong

Anyone have success going further and winning and if so how do you do it?

BTW 4 offers at asking price.  Appraisal comes back $40,000 less than ask    I actually owned one of the comps and KNOW the subject house is much more valuable because I personally rehabbed both of them 

@Michael Plante

This is a position that sucks.  I've been there.  I tried to provide other real comps, not the BS ones the appraiser used, and the appraiser still wouldn't budge.  The buyer's lender refused to order another appraisal.  I wouldn't come down $50k on price so the deal was busted.  I was on the largest lot in the sub-division and got nothing for it along with many other credits that other comps had.  So frustrating...

Your best best is to continue to be cordial with the appraiser and suggest other comps and why.  If they still won't budge, see if the lender will requests another appraiser.  This will likely be at your expense and it could delay closing depending on how long it will take for them to come out and do another appraisal.

I'm getting recall from that bad time... lol... 

Good luck!

Nick Belsky

@Michael Plante If the loan is VA, you can trigger the Tidewater Initiative (  That gives all parties 72 hours to submit new/better data to the appraiser to attempt to get them to increase their valuation.

If it's not VA, you either need a new appraisal or need to bring the difference in cash to closing.

I just lost out on the sale of one of the businesses I have listed for sale because of a garbage home appraisal. The buyer needed a HELOC to fund his down payment and the appraisal came in over $100,000 below what was expected.

It's a lousy situation to be in, but it's a fact of life.

Well you can start by thanking the system for creating appraisers that don't know what they're doing. This is not surprising at all. Do you know that every single appraiser is trained completely differently from another? and it sounds like your property is unique which makes it even more difficult for 99% of all appraisers out there. Unfortunately, my suggestion would be to tell the lender that either they either get another appraiser out there or you're going to find a different financial institution. banks need to stop hiring garbage appraisers.