Commerical wholesalers tampa bay

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Try starting with high volume residential wholesalers to start. Im sure they can refer you in the right direction.

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@Kimberly Terrero

Would you share your info on that 11 unit please?

Is it rented? What's he vacancy rate?

Deferred maintenance?

Beds and Baths?

What's the cap rate?

Is an Income/Expense report available?

Do you have all the Rent roles?

Are you the listing agent? Wholesaler? Owner? 

What's the address?

 218 N Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Monthly rent rolls when fully occupied (only one unit is vacant) is $6,285 = $75,420/year

Pictures:[email protected]/sets/72157669130867194/

4- 2/1 @$650

2- Large 1/1 (1 is vacant but has someone is interested in moving in)

One is rented at $595 (vacant)

One is rented at $615

4-Small 1/1 @ $500

1 Efficiency room @ $475 (special discount for friend)

That's a 14% gross cap rate, and a net cap rate of approximately 10-11% depending on how you calculate that. That's a phenomenal cap rate for that area and for something where all the units are in one place. Centrally located, about 2 minutes away from downtown Tarpon Springs, 5 minutes from the World Famous Sponge Docks, Shopping, Dining and entertainment.

Asking Price: $535,000 net

Deposit - $15,000

@Kimberly Terrero

Hi! May I share something with you that most people don't know?

In the apartment world there is no such thing as a "gross cap rate" and "net cap rate" and cap rate will certainly never "depend on how you calculate it".

I think you're confusing those with "Gross Income" and "Net Operating Income". 

To find a Capitalization Rate you take the Gross Income and back out ALL of the expenses, I mean every single expense from plumbers, to landscaping, to advertising, management, utilities, to evictions, and even vacancy. Now you have your actual Net Operating Income and can start to calculate a capitalization rate which is likely somewhere around 42k/yr. if you wanted to sell that at a 10% cap rate you'd be selling it for 420,000. If you were looking to sell at a 14% cap rate just do 420,000%.14 and you'd be selling it for 300,000.00 

I hope this helps! 

Adam Adams