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To all that can help...

I was out driving for dollars and came across a vacant and distresaed property.

Looked on the front window and it has been winterized by property conservation company.

Pulled tax records and it shows that they are going to JP Morgan/Chase bank.

FYI:  according to tax assessor the taxes are in tax sale.

Question is:  How can I make an offer and if so what are the ways to find out who owns this so I could make an offer?

Open for suggestions, comments and/or guidance 

Great question, I'm curious to read some responses from the more experienced investors.

@Mike Kelley  

It could be that the bank has recently taken possession of the house and it will soon be listed with a realtor who handles REO's for the bank/lender. Usually the conservation company will winterize the house as well as do some repairs before they list it. Depending on the repairs they do it can be a few months before they finally do list it.

About the taxes. You can bet that the bank will pay them off before any tax sale will happen. 

To all,

Thank you very much for the help.  They just paid the taxes and according to chase/JP Morgan the sale will be made with a local listing agent.  

Just have to wait on this one.

Once again, thank you

Thanks for sharing the good information. 

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