Know what you are buying!

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@Nathan G.

No one would ever buy a property without doing due diligence, would they ? Tax ID's are associated with properties at tax sales. Why would any want to match a tax id with a property ? What could go wrong ? I guess the .0005 acre property size on the tax sales sheet was not enough of a clue.

@Nathan G. Yeah I had to just SMH when I first saw this locally.  This popped up on BP a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t post the screenshots from my IPad, but on the actual online bid site were pull down links to the property appraiser......

The aerial clearly shows just a solid blue line between two villas, not a rectangle showing a regular lot, dimensions given were 1’x 50’, 50 sf, tax Land value of like $300, Building Value $0.

So yeah, it Must be the county’s fault......