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Does anyone in New Orleans have a recommendation for a property manager? Would be for a condo that's currently rented with a premier tenant. Tenant's great, but trying to facilitate maintenance from my home in FL is difficult. Thanks!

I can't truly recommend because i havent done buisness with them right now, but im currently working with Latter & Blum Property Management, Inc
7840 Maple Street
New Orleans, La. 70118, USA
Office 504-866-7000 ext140

It's just been communication right now but things seem hopeful.



Hi Scott,

I am looking into Property Management companies in New Orleans. Wondering which one you went with and what your experience was like.



I'm currently looking for property management companies in New Orleans as well.

Maybe if we all join together we could get better rates and service.

How many units are y'all looking to outsource to the PM?

Hi Karen, Hunter and Timothy,

How did you all make out with your property managers in NOLA?  I have a 5  family in Mid city a mile from the French Quarter.  I've had it for a year now and been using a property manager/Real Estate Agent who has been charging me 10% of the rents and charges me 60% to get a new tenant.  I heard that 10% is high from various guests on the BP podcast for a multi-family as this is what is usually charged on a single family.  Have any of you found a property management company that you've been happy with in NOLA since this post?  I like the possibility to go in as a group idea.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Hi all - I'm also looking for recommendations for a property manager.  Please get in touch if there's one or a handful that you like!

Thanks so much,

Hi guys - in the process of closing on a place in New Orleans now, and also looking for a good and recommended property manager. I'll be going to talk to Latter & Blum, but it would be good to know the outcome of this discussion and any further recommended PMs?


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