Has anyone invested in Multi Family in the Greensboro, NC area?

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I have been mostly investing in the Triangle Area in NC. That's the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. Recently, I have been fascinated by Greensboro, which is about 1 hour drive from the Triangle.

I 'm wondering if anyone here has invested in the Triad (Greensboro, Wiston Salem, High Point), especially Greensboro? I have been to the Triad many times, I just don't know the various areas well.

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@Henri Meli

I have one property in Greensboro, and the other one in Whitsett which is just east of Greensboro. Whitsett is a town that many folks are moving to because it is half-way in between Greensboro and Burlington. Several sub-divisions are being built and more are planned. Whitsett & Greensboro are great areas from rentals!

Thanks @Thomas Mark . Compare to the Triangle area, the Triad seems to have a lot more multi family in my financial range, which would yield better returns. One thing I learned recently was that 67% of the Greensboro population prefers to rent vs own.

Recently, I identified some really interesting properties around Greensboro College, UNCG, Bennet College and I was wondering what to expect from investments in these areas. I requested OMs from the seller's brokers and used those to run my initial numbers, and those look enticing.  My next step was to plug-in more realistic numbers to see what comes out of it. 

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I live in Whitsett and work in Greensboro.

I think the UNCG area is a great investment area, but college towns are my preference for investing so make sure you stay in line with your goals and business plan.