Multifamily Deal Analyzer?

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Hello BP,

I'm looking for a tool to use for analyzing multifamily deals. I have found a couple doing a Google search, but they cost about $100 or so. Does anyone have a spreadsheet they are willing to put out there?


I'm working on making mine available for $19.95 pending website completion - - but don't want to create a conflict of interest with BP - - 

I find the BP analyzer to be sufficient. It's really quite nice. If you don't have a need to print the reports, you can gain access with the plus membership.


There's several excel spreadsheets floating around here. I modified one to suit my needs. Didn't cost a cent and maybe an hour on a rainy Sunday. Its nothing special but I use it all the time for my own investing and you can modify it to whatever you need if its missing something or has something you don't need. My banker and private money guy love it when people show up with actual numbers and not just a feeling that it will pencil out.

If you use it rate it.

Are you analyzing multifamily deals for yourself or for another investor?

I invested the $100 in @Michael Blanc's analyzer and, while not perfect, it's much better than anything I could have put together in any reasonable amount of time. It's already paid for itself many times over. Highly recommend.

I'm with Leonid on this one Michael Blanc's analyzer is good for what you are doing and he will help you if you have questions.

he is member here on BP's

@Michael Blanc's analyzer

@Zach Davis , I just downloaded and used your spreadsheet. Thank you for providing that to the community. I'm a guy who appreciates excel, and I have several sheets of my own for personal finance and such. As I'm just starting out as an investor, I didn't have something like this built yet, and you just saved me a bunch of time. I'd like to provide a review on the download link for you , but I don't see how to do anything other than rate on the star system. Can you point me in the right direction?

@Alex R.

You're very welcome. As far as the review goes, I have no idea. I would imagine it gives you the option to right a review in when you do the star rating...

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