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Hello BP people!  

I am looking to put in an LOI on a property I have been looking at I just wanted to know if I should get my LLC first?


Is this a residential property or commercial?

It is a 12 unit multifamily

You can put the loi and contract under your name and close under the LLC. The LLC will assume the contract before closing. With a small MF you may want to own several in the same LLC. As you get larger you should one in each LLC. This will help protect each property from the liabilities of the other as well as you.

Hi @Brian Keeler - We write the LOI's in our "individual names &/or Assigns" or if you have created an Asset Management Company - You could do that too " AM Company &/or Assigns" and then - flip it over to your newly created LLC at closing. Unlike @Jeff Greenberg we use a new & Separate LLC for each property.  We also wait until under contract before we create the new LLC - saving you expenses in case your LOI is not accepted. 

I hope you have found helpful!! Best wishes to you on your LOI!!

I very much appreciate everyone!

@Bonnie Staples We also use a different entity for each property. 

As I stated he could put smaller properties together.  This would reduce bookkeeping and other expenses, but would allow for liabilities to cross properties.

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