MFR Investment Using 1031 Exchange

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Hi BP Folks,

I am looking to do a 1031 exchange on one of my pro[erties and looking into investing in a MFR. Some of the areas I have been looking at have been really diffulcult to find MFR or to make the numbers work. Areas that I have been looking at are KC, Indy, Austin/San Antonio, Dallas, Provo/Ogden.

Since I will be a out of state investor. Is there anyone that I can connect with or can recomend to assist me in this purchase. If you have experience doing this or work in this market, I would like to get your input.


@Israel R. - My group may be able to help you.  We have some 1031X deals that we are working on as we speak.

@Chris Tracy Thanks for the response. What areas do you work in and how can I see the some of the deals you are working on?

Shoot me an email and we can hop on a call.

@Israel R. shoot me a pm I can refer you to broker that convers these areas, he helped some with this situation.

Just do us all a favour and don’t over pay for the properties.

Often with 1031 exc buyers rush in and end up over paying...

Also been from California worries me ;-) 

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