Door entry systems for multi-family housing?

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I just purchased a 11 unit rooming house and was looking to get away from the keyed entry for the main doors to get in and out of the property.  There are 4 doors total.

I am just nervous that current tenants could make copies of keys without me knowing and give them to friends/relatives/ boyfriends/ girlfriends etc.  I plan to have security cameras around the property but I will really only check them if I hear of an issue.  I also want to be able to either collect the only key they have and/or be able to de-activate their key if they were to "lose it" or when they move out.  I think this will make the tenants there feel more safe too. 

Anyone currently use anything they like and that is reliable?  I will have an on site manager but I don't want them to have to be making a new card or something every couple of days because the bar code got smudged or something. 



What about a key pad entry where you can just change the code whenever someone moves out and alert the current tenants? That way you will never have to replace lost keys and if there is a security breach you can change the combination on the spot and not have to worry about giving everyone a new key card.