Surveillance camera / rental property

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Hi all,

I have a brand new triplex in South Philadelphia that I want to install surveillance camera outside. 

I dont want to rely on wifi. What would you recommend using based on your past experience? 

Thanks a lot. 


@Andresa Guidelli - a WiFi enabled camera is the best because you can always check on who's coming and going, and playback right on your phone App.  However if that's not important to you, a regular DVR system would work.  Q-See is fine and some others out there (read reviews online first).  From past experience, I recommend (if going DVR route that is), get high def cameras (that are IP connected.. NOT RCA cables) and spend the money on quality cameras, with a 1tb or larger storage DVR system.  The high def cameras (true HD that is) usually can zoom in 2-5megapix or more and are VERY helpful if you're playing back and need a clear face/license plate.