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My partners and I are networking into bringing in experienced and/or high net worth KPs in exchange for equity positions on deals that we find, form, and manage through the exit strategy (which obviously depends on the deal).  What are some of your must-attend conferences that are attract specifically MF syndicators, capital raisers, and passive investors?  Many thanks, BP!  

+1 for Joe Fairless’ Best Ever Conference in Denver Feb 22-23.  It’s high quality.

I also recommend Think Multifamily events (cc: @Tamiel Kenney ).  There is one planned for March 30-31 in Dallas and it’s also high quality.  I attend 1-2 Think Multifamily events each year and benefit from the high quality networking and educational content.  I also think Mark & Tami Kenney are great people to do business with. 

@Jonathan New I've been to most of the multifamily conferences this year, except Best Even Conference and Michael Blank's. I would definitely recommend Jake & Gino's as well as Dave Lindahl's Ultimate Partnering in August. 

I've already got my tickets for the next Best Ever Conference since I wasn't able to make the one this year. Looking forward to it. 

Old Capital (lending broker in Texas) holds a conference in Dallas in the fall that's good. I don't think they have set a date for the 2019 version though. 

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