Thoughts on using Reonomy

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I used it. Pulling the data was a little difficult, and it still needed to be scrubbed. What kind of properties are you targeting?

Thanks @Taylor L. I very much appreciate your thoughts on the usefulness of Reonomy. I think I may have too small of an operation for Reonomy at this time, as we are looking to BRRRR single family homes. But a representative from Reonomy told me they now carry data on everything from duplexes on up. I have some interest in the duplex thru quadruplex assets, but I find the pricing on these to be significantly less competitive currently.

@Jason Huff we use it in our business. It's a great tool. Just expensive. If you can find a partner or two to split the cost with that may work. PM me, we may be interested in doing something like this.

@Tj Hines Thank you for your thoughts and your offer to split a membership.  My sincere apologies for the late reply, as it has been a busy weekend.  We may be interested in splitting a membership down the road.  But I do not want to waste your time and would have to admit that, as for the present circumstances, we are probably unable to fully take advantage of Reonomy right now.  I'm sort of fact-gathering at the moment, but we may move forward with Reonomy in the no-so-distant future.  I will certainly keep you in mind when that time comes, should your offer still stand at the time.

Reonomy is a great starting point to find commercial real estate property information, but owner contact information is not always accurate. We always conduct additional data mining to corroborate contact information that Reonomy provides, but it still saves time. Current pricing starts at $299 per month. We wrote a comprehensive review about Reonomy on our blog at KineticBridge.

It went well for us - it is fairly accurate and a lot cheaper than Co-star. Co-Star does have more information that is helpful that reonomy does not. 

We've had Reonomy for about a year and a half. It's good for debt and owner information, but that's about it. 

We recently switched over to Co Star while being more expensive has over 10x the data and information and has proved to be much more useful.