Multifamily purchase in Sacramento, Ca (Commercial Property)

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My wife and I currently own a duplex in the Sacramento, Ca area, we manage the property ourselves, it gives us a positive cash flow of $500 a month after all expenses are paid. We're interested in purchasing an apartment building (5-28) units. Should we contact multi family (commercial) lenders in are area first or find the property before getting in touch with lenders. We would like to manage the multi family apartment ourselves, or should we consider hiring a property management company? Sacramento is a great area to invest in with good returns for buy and hold investors.

Hi @Michael Williams , I would recommend getting in touch with a lender first, while having a general idea in your mind of what the 5-28 unit apartment would look like. I have found the lending side to be the most variable and informative for me as to what I can and will pursue.

So, if you know that you'd ideally purchase a 12 unit 2-story apartment built in the 1960s that currently has a flat roof and central heat and air (if that's relevant in Sacramento), then running through the numbers on an asset like that would be a very useful thing with a competent lender.  They'll be able to tell you what the institutions will be looking for her and you'll have a better feel for how to take down a building like that.

Best of luck, Michael!

@Michael Williams Multi-family lending is deal specific, so lenders would be able to help you even more when you have a deal to talk about. I would do both simultaneously and work towards finding the right property and the right lending partner. It will take time to find a good deal and when you do, you want to act fast. 

Hi @Michael Williams. As the other members stated before me, I would recommend reaching out to lender as well to get an idea of what to specifically look for. Once you are ready- reach out to a commercial agency as 5+ units is considered a commercial loan and commercial property. I am actually a commercial agent myself for Coldwell Banker Commercial Blair Westmac. If you would like any help please feel free to message me. :)


I'll be looking to cash-out refinance my Sacramento 6-plex in a few months and I just read a good book which breaks down the commercial loan process very well:
Commercial Mortgages 101: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Winning Loan Request Package by Michael Reinhard

Good luck!