Multifam investing groups!

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Hey all!

I wanted to know y’alls thoughts on the Jake and Gino multifam investment community? Is it worth the cost?

Ultimately trying to learn and network with other multifam Real Estate investors out there!




I have never heard of a paid program that was worth it. There are lots of free resources such as podcasts, books, local REI meetups, BP forums, etc. I suggest consuming as much information as possible via these sources.

@Lawrence Kutsovsky I am a member of Jake and Gino, Personally, I think it was worth every penny and then some.  I have gained so much from their program I can't easily do it justice in this forum.  The Education platform is good, the coaches are great, the boot camps are fantastic and the community is absolutely stellar. I looked at several multifamily coaching programs before choosing Jake & Gino I assure you they are the real deal.  

I would be happy to jump on a call with you and discuss the details of my experience.  Shoot me a direct message if you are interested.  

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My experience with Jake and Gino.  We have been in the industry for over 10 years.  We wanted to learn how to scale and grow.  I researched several programs.  We picked Jake and Gino and it was the best decision we have ever made.  Our business has grown as a direct result from this program.  The put out a TON of content, have connected us with countless others around the country and create several opportunities weekly for us to interact with each other and learn.  So many great people in this group and I have not heard one complaint.  I highly reccomend this group!!!

I am part of J&G and I can say being part of this group accelerated my learning curve in Multifamily properties. I've been able to network with investors that I would've not met other way. Their learning platform is very detailed. Their coaches are experts. 

Yes, you can read books, listen to podcast and learn by yourself, but at the end of the day, your net worth is your network. 

@Lawrence Kutsovsky I think the biggest factor to consider is what is your goal, who do you want to be around, and who do you NEED to be around in order to achieve what you want to in real estate. To be upfront, I am a Jake and Gino student, and it has certainly been worth the investment. While @Grant Thompson is certainly correct in saying that there are tons of free resources and meetups available, and that should absolutely be utilized, how long will it take you to meet the right people or absorb the knowledge needed to succeed in multifamily? Years? The biggest plus with the J&G community is the people: I instantly grew my network with fantastic people with great experience in this space. Jake, Gino, and their staff are far different than other educators in the space, and truly care about their students and network, and it shows from the quality of the people around. 

It's an investment, not a "cost", and you have to treat it that way.

Happy to chat more if you'd like, send over a DM. 


I am a student with Jake & Gino and is definitely worth the investment for several reasons:

1. My confidence grew exponentially once I started being around like minded individuals. 

2. Shorten my learning curve, yes we all could get free knowledge online may or may not help so you can spend endless amount of hours & not be ahead but just have knowledge. 

3. Accountability to self & your network. I am sorry to say you can read 100's of books but they won't give you accountability. Now, if you look at any truly successful person whether it be an athlete, business man/woman, & etc they all had accountability. 

4. Jake & Gino's track record speaks volumes plus it helps that they are down to earth. Personally I wanted to learn from someone who has been there & not just talking sh....

5. J & G training was simple & easy to understand. Most of all broken down to actionable steps so the program also kept me on track. The training was accessible on the go which was a huge plus. 

I am going to be at their Orlando event on October 22 & 23rd hope to see you there if not no worries I am available for a call, just message me would love to answer any of your questions. 

As an active MF investor for the past 5 years, I spent the first 3 consuming all content that I could that had little to no cost; podcasts, books, blog posts etc. It got me so far and I was able to accumulate some MF assets using this approach. However I found myself after a couple years hitting a plateau. I didn't have an educated network around me, I wasn't surrounded by others doing deals to inspire me, I had no real mentors and certainly no coaches. Most of the REIA associations you'll see focus on single family, so these didn't get me very far. I made a decision I wanted to be surrounded by like minded investors, have that accountability and have the confidence in my decisions by having experienced coaches to call. It was December last year I joined the J&G program.

Even though I felt I had the education, I soon realized there was a LOT I didn't know and it was this that was holding me back in the past. Since joining I've already closed my first commercial MF deal. The resources from the community, the accountability I receive from the network that I've formed and the great advice from my coaches, absolutely allowed me to get there. 

I have more deals in the pipeline from identifying my criteria, I have confidence to speak with brokers, I am no longer fearful of submitting offers due to not knowing how I could close them and I know the steps necessary to implement the business plan. 

Overall I've been exceptionally satisfied with the program and I didn't even mention the student events.. these are incredible to your success!!


I've been investing in real estate full time for the past 13 years, I wanted to scale up from my current portfolio of 2-7 unit small apartment buildings. I reached out to a business associate that is doing over 100 flips per year, and he recommended joining the Jake & Gino group. Since joining the group I've had overwhelming amount of support from the coaches and fellow members.  I was humbled by the level of production and investment experience of my fellow group members. I wish I had joined much earlier.  It was more than worth the investment.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.  

Hey Lawrence, 

I have worked closely with members inside the Jake and Gino crew and have personally sat down to break bread with Gino earlier this year. They truly are what they say they are. 24/7 focused on the success of their students and business (check their track record). I can vow that they are authentic and treat people like family especially if you're willing to listen and commit to learning. The cost isn’t an expense, but truly an investment. Good luck and wishing you all the best! 

I joined Jake and Gino’s program in 2019 with no real estate experience whatsoever. Just two years later and I’m a partner on about 200 units! It was a huge jumpstart to my investing career and worth every penny. It’s an investment upfront, but it’ll teach you skills that are invaluable and allow you to network with like minded individuals and people who are doing exactly what you want to do. Totally worth it IMO!

I too am part of the Jake and Gino community and have ZERO regrets. I know that sounds cliche but I've met so many amazing people doing huge things and have even been able to partner with some of them. That would have never happened if I didn't join the J&G community. As others have already alluded to, joining really depends on your goals.

My goals were to connect with investors, learn actionable detailed steps, bounce ideas off people way more experienced, and invest in multifamily to create the freedom to retire from my day job. I am happy to say that I have earned WAY more $$$ in return than the initial investment of joining the community and am set to retire in the Summer of 2023 from the military. With that retirement, I will not have to work for someone else again unless I want to.

Before joining, I interviewed with 4 other multifamily groups/programs. I chose Jake and Gino because they didn't try to sell me on anything or up sell. There was no marketing pitch. It was a genuine one on one conversation. Down to earth, normal talk, no "salesy" approach most other communities were doing. I respected that and made the decision right then and there.

Advice: There are a ton of free resources out there and it's very easy to get the shiny object syndrome. But in all, sit down and list out the lifestyle you want to have in 5-10 years and determine your goals from that. Then see if multifamily will help you get there the fastest (do some research first. Multifamily is very doable on so many levels) If the answer is yes, then reach out to one of their teammembers. Theres no pressure to join and you'd be surprised at the amount of value you'll get from that one phone call.

Hi Lawrence, 

I remember reading about Jake & Gino here on BP last year around this time, wondering that same thing, and trying to make the best decision for my future and goals. It is a tough decision, and I applaud you for sticking your hand up and asking for other's input and experience. I'll save you the read and tell you the TLDR here - I joined Jake & Gino and haven't regretted one cent of it. If you want the short novel, continue on below. 

I've gotten my value and then some, and I'm not the smartest or the fastest student. I'd put myself in the average category in many ways, and have limited bandwidth to devote to it. I even did a time study, and talked to other members to ensure that the amount of time I had available would be enough to get my money's worth out of the program.

First, before you invest in any education, real estate or otherwise, you need to know yourself and your goals, otherwise it'll be very hard choosing the right path to get there. Once you have those narrowed down, get a good realistic understanding of what it will take to be successful in that path. There are many programs out there. None of them will do the reps for you, as Brandon Turner says, you have to do your own push-ups, and lots of them. 

Yes, you can learn most all of it on your own, but you'll only get so far, so fast, and your learnings will come at a great expense as well. How easy is it to make a $20,000 mistake on an asset that costs just a few hundred thousand, much less on one that is in the millions? What about all of the time it takes to learn these things, clean up from the mistakes, and get back on track? Nevermind the amount of time it can take to get to that point alone. How about the opportunity cost of all those wasted resources, the years spent learning what you could've learned in months, the money wasted on the mistakes made, and the frustrations and unnecessary roadblocks added on the road to your dreams and goals? When you start really thinking about it, the price isn't an issue. You're going to pay for your education, one way or the other. Pay now for a quality program, or pay later over and over again to learn a fraction of what you would have learned over a fraction of the time. 

When you go to college, you pay to go to learn from a professor that claims to be able to help you make all the money you've ever dreamed of, earning with the top in your chosen profession. Have you ever wondered, if the professor is so good and can help me start at $120k, why is he standing here teaching me for $80k? 

Well, in Jake & Gino, they take the opposite approach, you're not learning from someone who can't do it themselves, so they're teaching you. You are learning from active investors with a lot of proven experience, and systems designed from it. They're accessible, have the heart of a teacher, and willing to do as much as possible to teach you how to be successful in MFH. They're not one-hit-wonders, or your typical gurus. They're humble, yet confident, accomplished and yet accessible to you as the student, and they have a proven system that has taken hundreds of students that started where you are, and helped them learn how to succeed in this industry. Those students have closed nearly 20 THOUSAND units since then. 

I'd encourage you to spend some time reflecting on you and your goals. If MFH is the way you want to go, then do some research on the leaders in the industry, and talk to their teams. Compare your findings and choose the one that aligns with your goals and values. Be sure you use critical thought on everything you are told by anyone. Only you know the nuances of your situation, and your goals and dreams. 

Do your research and then make the decision. Then buckle up, and get ready to work! Nothing worth doing is easy.

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      @Lawrence Kutsovsky . I've been through the Jake and Gino program and the connections and community alone are worth it! Not to mention their educational resources are tremendous. They are actually doing it.

      When I first joined the program, Gino (who used to be in the restaurant business) knew that my family was also in the business and he sent me his book that he made about cooking with his family! Small gestures like this really encapsulate the care that both Jake and Gino have for their students. PM me if you have any more questions, because I would doubtful too. 

      Good for you doing your due diligence. In full disclosure I am a Jake and Gino student so you will get a first hand account. I'll tell you my story and let you decide.

      I was born and raised in NYC, so I saw first hand the shell game being played on the streets and how scams were ran. It was a way of life, something you always kept an eye out for. If it seemed to good it was. Then I became a NYPD Officer and then a City Fireman. This just proved to me (especially being a cop) how evil some people were. In short I had a lot of limited beliefs and a very tall very thick wall around me.

      I investigated Gino through emails, post like yours and even taking a ride up to his restaurant about an hour north of the city. Everyone I spoke to spoke highly of him. Almost to kindly. Then they held their first event in Knoxville and I flew out to meet him in person. He made time to speak with everyone. There was just something in his way and in Jake's that sold me. It's hard to describe but after dealing with so many criminals you kinda get a feel for people. These guys were legit!

      I continued to follow them and ask questions they always responded in a genuine helpful manner.

      I once was down in Florida and just shot off a quick message to see if Gino was available to meet and to my surprise he was. That was when he shattered all my limited beliefs he introduced me to mindset and I was off to the races. He got me focused and led me in the right direction. If not for him and the entire WBP program I would not be where I am today.

      The academy is amazing. It brings you from knowing nothing to having a solid foundation. The depth of knowledge you will gain access to is amazing. Choosing a market, Interviewing a PM, learning the basics of underwriting, interviewing a lender, forming partnerships it's all covered. Mindset, worksheets for picking a market, monitoring your time scheduling your week all covered. Monday calls are the best it's a live group call with a topic covered and then a question and answer portion at the end. Every question is addressed each and every week.

      The group is more like a family then a group. It's amazing how everyone, staff and students are extremely helpful. Questions get answered, recommendations for brokers, lenders, PM's are given freely. MF is a team sport. If I don't have an answer I have access to the information just by asking. Now I can just pick up the phone as I have built out many solid relationships with very knowledgeable investors. They also hold money mixers and bootcamps where you can get to meet those members that you have been chatting with online and over the phone. This is where you can really excel your network. If you are visiting an area just shoot out a post someone is bound to be able to meetup with you while you are in town. Students are closing deals all the time. Both in syndication and on their own.

      So the bottom line is this: Is everything I have access to worth 20K. By now I'm sure you can guess my answer. It is yes. Just the mindset growth I have taken is worth the 20K. The friendships I cannot put a price tag on. The key is that when you join the group you MUST take action and get involved.

      I am much more successful now then I was when I first joined. I contribute a large portion of that success to my mindset, my proximity to other like minded individuals and to Jake and Gino whom gave me the push I needed. They are the two most genuine people you will ever meet, that really do care about your success and in providing tremendous value.  

      To your success


      P.S Just one last quick story to give you an idea of who Gino is.

      This pass November my father passed away and through conversation with a third party Gino found out. How many "Gurus" actually care that much to take a few moments and write a handwritten note of sympathy. Gino is the real deal plain and simple.

      Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions.

      Hey @Lawrence Kutsovsky, I joined Jake and Gino in November 2019. It was the best investment I have ever made and has changed my life. I would have never gotten to where I am today without the program. You have to think of it like this - There is an interview process to get into this group. The people they choose to join are like-minded, hard-working, and likely to succeed in the industry. It's not a given because you will need to follow the framework, work hard, and not quit. But you will get to where you want to go much faster with this program. When you join, you will be greeted by a huge network of investors with a variety of experiences; all with the go-giver mentality. You will be placed in an accountability pod with people you may end up becoming partners for life with. You will be coached at analyzing markets, deals, scaling your business, etc. I would be delighted to hop on a call with you, there really is too much to talk about. 

      Good Morning Everyone!

      I'll start by saying that I'm not a Jake & Gino student. However, in the past year I've gotten to know many of the J&G team including Gino himself. I've even gone through some of their coursework and found it to be thorough and effective. It's already made me a better investor and agent.

      These guys are the genuine article. They have learned the business from the ground up and truly care about their students' success. They emphasize a family approach in their program and events and that comes through in the members I've met.

      Good luck and I hope you decide to become a member.


      Hey Everyone

      Im not a Jake and Gino student either but I have helped them with some podcasts, interacted with both Jake & Gino, and their teams. I can say without a doubt, they are the real deal. These days anyone and everyone is teaching RE but they don’t have the credentials to back it up. These guys do and they also own the operations of their business too and continue to grow it. 
      If you are interested in growing in this space, I don’t know a better value for your money than with these guys.



      I am part of Jake & Gino. For me, its been totally worth it. I don’t have a single regret; if anything, I regret not joining sooner. There is more support than you can use.

      Ive personally been in real estate for about 10 years, and I underestimated the education component before joining. The program is extremely well guided, organized, and complete. The coaching is also amazing. Everyone is easy to reach and  willing to help. 

      Sure you can find free content, but if you are like me, going the free route will have its limits as it will require very significant effort to get similar value. The networking is also incredible. The community has a very authentic feel and everyone is willing to help.

      There are many successful real estate investors that have gone at it without a mentorship program. However, personally, going through Jake&Gino has been a game changer. I wouldn't be where I am at and wouldn't have nearly as many deals if it weren't for the program. I have found partnerships, confidence, experience, capital, vetted vendors, and deals through Jake&Gino that I wouldn't have otherwise.

      It has made my journey a lot easier!

      Best of luck,


      Wow. I think the Jake & Gino students must have a BP Alert set up. Every time I see mention of the program name 10 people pop-up to post something about it. Just an observation. I know 4-5 J&G students from the Houston area and they all speak well of the program, so seems like it's pretty good.

      Hi Lawrence,

      We were in your shoes a few years ago and wasn't sure if investing in ourselves was worth it, well we were WRONG! My wife and I have been part of the Jake and Gino community for almost two years and it was the BEST decision we have ever made.

      If your goal is to learn and network, this is the group. We have accomplished so much in the past two years and attribute it to this amazing community that we call family. Not only has it shortened our learning curve with multifamily investing, it has helped us in our personal development as well. If you want to hear more about our Jake and Gino experience we would be happy to hop on a call. And... if you are free next weekend 10/23-24 join us at MM4 Multifamily Mastery Live in Orlando. Let me know I can send you the link. You won't regret it!!

      Jim and Francesca Apostolou

      @Lawrence Kutsovsky I haven't been in their program, but I have been in 2 other syndication programs - 1 that was a complete disaster ($30K and 10 months wasted) and the one I'm in now is absolutely the reason for my success.

      Through the process of learning from the 1st mistake, I really figured out what it takes to be successful and how to vet a coach/program. I'll say I've heard wonderful things about the Jake & Gino program and there are many great people in the group, too! 

      However, here are the reasons I chose to go with another program - 

      - Ability to partner with the head of the group in ANY market (no restrictions of location)

      -A mentor who is actively buying large multifamily for themself - not just coaching - mine has acquired over 3,500 units this year so far (and 13,000+ in total)

      -Direct access to the head of the group to call/text/email anytime - not handed off to sub-coaches

      -The program I'm in now is selective - they don't let someone in just because they can write a check - and they only add 1 or 2 members per month. This creates an awesome culture and solid partners to execute deals. (it also proves to me they're not in it to build a coaching empire and make money from coaching - they're trying to create real member success)

      ***I don't think there is a "right" or "wrong" group - it all depends on how you vibe with the people in the group and your standards/requirements for your mentor. Obviously having "batphone" access to the head of the group and direct partnership opportunity comes with the price tag. J&G is about 1/3 the cost of the group I'm in now, but I believe the additional resources have really accelerated our success. It's all about ROI - the money I invested to join the group will return 30X over the next 5 years (that's just on 2 acquisitions so far).

      There are so many wonderful people in the BP and multifamily community that are willing to help (like so many people on this forum) - wishing you all the success!!

      Hey Lawrence,

      I think there is a lot of value that you gain from joining a group/finding a mentor. I joined Thinkmultifamily and I have really enjoyed it. Feel free to PM me if you want to learn more.

      Best of luck with everything!