Multifam investing groups!

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The fact you are thinking about this opportunity is certainly the second biggest step in your investment career. The biggest step?…… Is actually following through with this!

I understand that you are doing your due diligence before you make a large decision, which means you’re already making decisions like an investor. 

Take it from me.  I “taught myself” for four Years before finally signing up for Jake and Gino. Sure, I learned a lot on my own, but was I making the traction I wanted? No.

Success leaves clues, and to think you can simply teach yourself everything without taking on the knowledge of people that have done it before you… Is a recipe to hold yourself back 10 to 20 years… or maybe never start at all  

I’ve read many comments here, and it’s unfortunate that people have had bad experiences with coaches and/or mentorship programs.   Does that mean they are all bad?

In your life… you’ve had a bad French fry.  Did you give up on French fries completely?    There will always be bad seeds or options that don’t work out. 

But Jake and Gino coaching is not one of them.   

Go with your gut.   I’m hoping that same gut that digested the follow-up tasty French fries is also the gut telling you to go with Jake and Gino. 

Make it happen!!

I have been a student of Jake and Gino's for over 2 years.  I came into the program with 24 units and not knowing much besides a few books and podcasts that we all know are free to very inexpensive.  At Jake and Gino, you can join a insta-ready group that is looking to attain the same goals you are.  So its education, coaching, and networking.  All in one spot.  What you really need is someone that you can bounce ideas of off whether its a coach or another member that is just a bit a ahead of you.  I for sure have saved myself a few 6 figure mistakes learning from others and sage wisdom from a coach.  Feel free to DM me or if you want to jump on a call would love to share my experience. 110% recommend!

The most important thing is having someone to talk to that understands where you currently are in the business and that is willing to share some of their knowledge with you. An experienced person of course, but willing to listen. Most of the folks that you will come across will try to vet you first financially for fit as an investor or try to get you into a paid mentor program that you may or may not be able to stick with. 

With all that said, before you spend money on a mentor take some time to reach out to folks in the business with a goal in mind. Eventually you’ll find someone willing to help and listen

IMO the most important thing is to get a mentor- I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.  Rod Kleif, Brad Sumrock, Michael Blank, Jake and Gino- all awesome programs with great track records.  There are other lesser know ones as well that can be really good. 

Just do it-  don't listen to those that say the programs are not worth it. I have learned that the networking is the most critical part.   I am under Jens Nielsen.  It is a phenomenal program and of the main reasons for my success to date.  Good luck.