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Is anyone aware of a mastermind group focused on multifamily?  I'm an experienced investor and looking to grow!  I need some new people in my circle to learn from and/or work with.
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I invest in the Houston area. What does everyone think about forming our own master mind group if there is nothing we can't find? I am very flexible. Just let me know what everyone wants to do 

Hello. I've been looking high and low for a mastermind group to get back into investing in real estate. Not much luck so far. I have some experience but want to learn more. I am interested in joining a group. I've had a few units before but sold them in 2012. I would like to get started again.

@Tim Garrett I do. Last year I did an 88 unit as a GP and 7 as an LP. This year the goal was 20 units and I have closed on 21 so far and a short term rental. Everything has been value add. I’d love to connect with experienced investors as well

@Tim Garrett - I am up North in Chicago and am part of a couple of different masterminds that aren't specific to multifamily or real estate but the people in the groups end up being multi-family investors.  I signed up for Jason Drees mindset academy which is the coach that @Brandon Turner uses and that has really been a game-changer.  In addition to JDC, I just recently joined GoBundance. Both groups set up small pods that help keep accountability.  

To be honest, it seems like you have enough people on this thread to create your own multifamily mastermind.

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Hi everyone.  I'm part of a large investing community that's based in Phoenix but includes members from all over the country.  There are also several other in-person communities across the country.  The Phoenix group I belong to meets weekly in-person, and/or virtually through zoom, to mastermind.  There are 5 or 6 masterminds (F&F, Notes, Mutlifamily, etc) running at any onetime. The community is built around applying the techniques and practices taught through an online streaming education platform.  Full disclosure there is a cost for the education.  If you are interested in more info, ping me and I can explain. 

There are many groups out there - just do a search including on BP and Facebook.

In fact there are more guru based "mastermind" groups out there than true gurus in real estate - so be careful. 

My recommendation is to start with your local REIA or look for some RE groups on meetup.com

Originally posted by @Tim Garrett :
Is anyone aware of a mastermind group focused on multifamily?  I'm an experienced investor and looking to grow!  I need some new people in my circle to learn from and/or work with.

I’m in three masterminds and none are multifamily specific  I truly believe in the power of masterminds because of the success I’ve had from being a part of them  I would check with @Rod Khleif to see if he has one, but at the least I’d follow him and check out his education to expand your knowledge & network  :-)

Mastermind groups aren't difficult to find in this industry. Seems like almost everyone has one these days. Many people make more money off of their programs than they do real estate. I'm definitely not opposed to them but just make sure you find a real, reputable group that can actually help you with your goals. 

Interesting thread, mastermind group is a new term to me but let me know if you guys form a group and what you’re looking to do.

We’re active in the 30+ unit multifamily space. I’ve spent my whole career in the industry but always interested in networking with new people.